Sunday, August 19, 2007

Left sitting in the shit.

Still not got over what happened on friday, no one came round at 8 am and at 10am when someone finally came round she passed on the message that from friday i would only get one visit per day.

She then told me that I should not be so cross and stressed as that caused the spasms, as she said it was all in my mind!

She then hurriedly washed under my arms and face and neck put my top on and left without bothering to do my bottom half.

Just about managed to sit me up ok before rushing off again and having no time to see if I needed anything like food or more important water.

This left me literally sitting in the shit as I had shit myself but of course their hectic care schedule does not allow for care.

Four hours later Richie came home and rescued me and washed and dressed me in clean knickers and trousers.

Sitting in shit for four hours caused constant spasms, which meant I could do nothing for 4 hours but hold onto my chair to stop me flipping backwards.

Not my best day!


Bubbie said...

How horrible! I'm shocked but shouldn't be. Here in the US unless you have gobs of money the elderly and disabled aren't treated with the respect and dignity they (everyone) deserves. From reading your posts I can see you have a strong beautiful spirit, still I wish for you better and more caring helpers on those all too short visits.

Unknown said...

Oh my darling Herrad , this is the shits..its TERRIBLE!!!! But still your spirit rises...their day will come!