Friday, August 24, 2007

It's been a quick trip from able bodied to disabled.

Been sitting here thinking about this past year and how quickly I have become disabled. Just sat here and realised it was only at the beginning of May this year that I could not drag myself up out of the wheelchair and onto the shower chair.

Bloody hell a quick year ago I could still hobble the length of the Basjoe, best coffeeshop in Amsterdam, without too much problems and now I can't move my feet even a tiny fraction.

It's been a quick trip from being mobile to not being able to move around without the wheelchair and Speedy.

Have discovered a few things like Richie and I really love each other deeply, he is brilliant (knew that before too), life is good despite restrictions and I am a very positive person.

Also found out that I am a happy person and I love people, love talking to and being with people. Don't know why but I am so surprised about all these revelations especially about myself.

Almost as if I had thought for years that I was miserable, negative grump of a woman!!


Charles-A. Rovira said...

That is the most mystifying feature of MS.

We MSers are a most, well if not optimistic, a most cheerful bunch of people.

We are struck with MS and we are stuck with it, but it ruins neither our good cheer nor our outlook that it could be worse and things will get better.

I know that you have hundreds of fans in the Netherlands and elsewhere and that we're all looking forward to the next podcast.

Synchronicity said...

you are, indeed, such a positive person. i love reading your posts and as a matter of fact...i see i have a lot of catching up to do! you keep writing...we are reading!