Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cannabis does help.

This morning Iwent out with Richie and the dogs as soon as my darling had got me up.

Straight outside after a quick wash and dress it was great to be out together but I soon noticed the effect of not smoking a joint right away.

All round the block I was having non stop spasms and pain it was horrible and in total contrast to last night when we went to the Vondelpark.

Then I had a couple of spasms crossing the tram lines, this morning has convinced me that cannabis does help me.

Last night I had fun this morning it was not so pleasant but still good fun to be out together on a sunny saturday morning.

That's why we moved here so I could go places and after last night I feel my horizons have been stretched abit further. Lovely!!


Stephen said...

i have an ms friend who used to use pot, said it actually gave her energy (back in high school, last time i smoked it, it knocked me out!) and i've thought it would help me now (in smaller quantities) with muscle spasms. i'd probably have to go to my kid's high school to score some weed - not sure i could manage that....

Bubbie said...

I do believe it helps with spasticity. Too bad we have to be paranoid of being arrested and losing your home for having it. I wrote a blog recently about a report that believes it does more than aleve may be repairing or at very least suppressing the inflammatory response. Of course they want to synethesize it. Can't put a patent on the whole plant....yet.