Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I am enjoying the editing immensely these days.

The Power of Fantasy –

Edgar Ende.

A very cold day here today, ice cold and now at the end of the day it’s a very dark night, seems more like the beginning of January not the 1st of February.

Our lovely friends Anja and Erik were here; Anja was here for on hour helping me with our administration, which has been done now.

Erik came to get her after visiting his mother, so they could go home together, a good arrangement.

Good to see them both, much too brief but great to see them both looking so well, keeping fit has paid of for them.

Always a huge relief when it’s done, when it is, I feel the tension falling off me right away which is a great feeling.

I decided as I had already written my post, to leave posting it until tomorrow, which I think is a better way of writing.

I like going myself time and space to let my thought run freely and better editing, it works well; and I am enjoying the editing immensely these days.

I think giving myself more time to write works better and makes writing more fun for me, as well as better writing so for me a good situation.


Gareth said...

Hey there nice to read some friends popped by and Paperwork done allways a relive. Bbrrrr Bloddy cold, this house is like a fridge even with heating on. Missing over the road as the sun floods in over there.

Herrad said...

hi gareth,
was nice to see them for one hour.
i hope you kept warm.