Monday, February 20, 2012

getting help can be a frustrating affair from the Alliantie

Kay Sage

Today I got a phone call from an employee of our landlords, the Alliantie who did not give his name but, demanded to see me today.

He made it sound like I was the problem, not that Richie and I, plus our neighbours have had a rotten time since 2 February, because of the defective lift.

My response was to tell him I needed the lift to work, and I hoped he could organise this straight away, without a meeting, which I really did not need.

What was needed was a reliable lift not meetings, and I couldn’t today, but he went on endlessly trying to bulldoze me into agreeing.

 Then before I could get the chance to respond, he announced he would be here at 15.00. 

He got here at 14.45 with a colleague, we told him we were not ready and would see him at 15. 00.

When we did, we made it clear that we were not the problem, but we and our neighbours had many, which the Alliantie has done nothing to resolve.

They left after bumping their gums, to look at several problems, they could do something about, and then later on Hopman sent an engineer who replaced the two broken lift buttons.

Finally Hopman, the lift company did what they could and should have done on Friday 3rd February.

Amazing that I have to constantly chase after the Alliantie for every thing, they have outsourced, all their maintenance services, so getting help can be a frustrating affair
for their tenants.



Gareth said...

Watcha H@R, wow what a bloody sad stae of affairs. Another example of lack of communication also intimidation. hope the lift now fixed so that if weather Pleasent you can get out and Enjoy.

Webster said...

Well, I am glad that you persisted, rattled their cage, and got their attention. Hopefully the fix of the lift will last.

Do you know if any of your neighbors also called to complain? Perhaps you need to form a tenants' union.

P.S. Blogger's new word verification is REALLY hard to read. Do you get a lot of spam without it?

Herrad said...

hi webster,
our landlord is very uncaring and inattentive to their tenants.

hi gareth,
it was awful, but lift works.

thanks for your support, it took 20 days for them to finally replace 2 broken lift buttons.