Thursday, February 02, 2012

a good solution from Welzorg.

Edgar Ende.

Today I had a good appointment with Annelies, the council’s mobility advisor and Arjan from Welzorg.

They were going to look at how best to help me to remain mobile in my wheelchair.

Arjan wondered whether I would be able to steer with my left hand if my wrist was well supported.

 He then made me a good wrist support, which is secured with Velcro, so can be removed when not used.

What I really like is how low tech and how effective it is, brilliant of arjan to come up with a simply solution, which seems to work well.

Really nice to steer myself, from the front room to the bedroom, even if I did not manage to manoevre all the way through the door.

But despite this it was great to roll, even such a short distance, it made me feel good.

That is an excellent way to feel after a meeting, especially when I did not have much hope for an immediate practical solution.

Brilliant to have got a good solution and amazing to get such a good result there and then, really good especially from Welzorg.


Rhapsody Phoenix said...

Brillant! Every inch independently made is a blessing.

May you have many more.
My regards to richie.

stay blessed.

Herrad said...

hi rhapsody,
was nice to see them come up with this solution.
i hope you keep warm.