Thursday, February 09, 2012

how can they do this.

Leonor Fini 
Today I was waiting for the eagerly awaited second fitting of the long awaited support, so I can sit and lie well in bed

Without all the discomfort and pain, I am having now, nor would I need constant adjustments from Richie, day and night.

The first appointment was in October, since then I have waited and waited with no communication.

Not too surprising, as the company was taken over by Welzorg, at the end of summer last year

Finally Maurits, my occupational therapist got an appointment on 24 January, the fitting went well.

 I was promised by Kees van Roekel that I would be called on 25 or 26 with
the following appointment.

To my disappointment no one phoned as promised by Kees not until last Thursday when Maurits got today’s appointment from Welzorg.

 Maurits arrived on time sadly no Kees, Maurits phoned the company twice and was told they would phone him and phone us back.

Thy didn’t, so Maurits called back and this time he heard that the appointment was for 16 February not today.

What a horrible shock and disappointment after waiting for so long, how
can they do this.


Gareth said...

Watcha H@R, gutted to read once again you have been treated in a uncaring and unprofessional way by bloody Coul'ntcareLessZorg Bastards. Can just send lots of LOVIN STRENGTH @ HUGS and hope you have a pleasent weekend GXXX

Herrad said...

hi gareth,
unbelievable they made the appointment, got maurits to reshuffle his agenda, then he had to phone 3x before they tell him the appointment is on 16 not 9.
no apologies for my discomfort or their incompetence.

love herrad