Sunday, February 19, 2012

I requested lift will be repaired tomorow

Kay Sage

Amazingly on Friday, after not hearing another word from our landlords, the Alliantie nor Hopman the lift company nor seen any activity by the lift.

I received an e-mail from Hopman informing me that the engineer, who promised us on 9th February, that the control panel would be replaced ASAP, had not done the paperwork.

 So nothing had been ordered, they thought they might do it some time in the next week, no apologies given for our inconvenience since 2nd February.

 All the time we thought that the lift was being repaired nothing was being done.

We were also not being kept informed, as the Alliantie had promised me they would on 13th February, when Merel Janssen called me.

Really this is not what was promised time and again every time I had to phone the Alliantie, which was practically daily.

I should not be surprised as this is par for the course here; it’s very unlikely to get support here, no point in informing the press or pressure groups.

I sent another e-mail saying I expected that the lift will be repaired tomorrow, hopefully it will be done.

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