Monday, February 13, 2012

hopefully they will resolve this problem asap.

Clarence John Laughlin
Today I got a nice surprise; I woke feeling too warm, with the two extra blankets which was needed when temperatures plummeted last week.

Then when I got up I saw that the snow was all but gone, apart from small patches, which gave me a huge boost.

A really great start to my week, it cheered me up incredibly, even more so when I also realised that the temperature had gone up, it was plus now, no longer minus.

Amazing compared to how it was yesterday then it was cold enough for us to have the heating on most of the day,

Something we don’t usually do, we generally only use the central heating for short periods and never all day.

My physiotherapy session went well, better than last Thursday, and just as we finished I got a call from our landlord’s office about the lift.

At last the Alliantie have responded to my emails from 6th requesting a resolution to the problem with the lift, which has been going on since 3rd February.

Since then the button for the second floor doesn’t work, the engineer has been here several times, each time it works for a few hours then it stops working.

Getting a call today was excellent as the lift was repaired on Thursday but  
again by Saturday it was not working once again, imagine if I had gone out  
and could not get into my home on my return,

Today finally there was a response from the Alliantie and from Hoffman the lift company; hopefully they will resolve this problem asap.


Webster said...

Gee, that is one more thing that makes me think about those "new" apartments that you mentioned last Spring; the ones that were supposed to be available in the Fall. Whatever happened with that?

You're so right -- I mean, what would you do if you came home and your lift was not working?

Karen said...

Lucky that you didn't go out! I hope they have it fixed soon so you can get out and about without worrying.