Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First Dentist Appointment.

Kay Sage
I am so tired tonight, no wonder it was my first of three appointments this afternoon.

Our lovely friend Cecile came over to dog sit for us, once these appointments are over we intend to train Cyril and Tina to stay home without barking.

Right now I just want to get my teeth sorted as soon as possible, I was very nervous worrying about how it would go.

At first it seemed that the mobility bus was not going to arrive on time, at the very moment I was going to phone, the driver called to say he was arriving.
within minutes.

He did and we were soon on our way, that what I thought but first the bus had to pick someone up from the Rehabilitation Clinic.

I got quite anxious about getting to the dentist on time, Richie reassured me that we would get there on time nd we did

We arrived at exactly the right moment, Jan Christian and his assistant Ellen were excellent, and 50 minutes later they had remade my broken tooth.

After a detour to pick up someone, we were home, again which was great, Cecile stayed for a chat, nice to see her, it always is, she is a special friend.

Now I finished writing up today’s story, first I will find a picture, and then I shall post this and relax.

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