Tuesday, February 21, 2012

whether the Alliantie will actually resolve any of our outstanding issues.

Rene Magritte

Well what a good result yesterday, finally after 19 days of calling and being fobbed off with excuses and waiting, the problem was solved by replacing the faulty buttons’

 Could Hopman not have done this on the 2nd February, instead of leaving us ll in the lurch, without a reliable lift for 19 days.

There were no apologies given for our inconvenience, nor will we ever get one, our landlords don’t seem to be interested in their tenants, just their rent money.

Which they increase every year; sadly without doing anything to either resolve, or improve their tenant’s issues.

Seeing the two employees of our landlord was quite novel event; of course we won’t get any feedback we never do.

So as usual we won’t know if or indeed which issue they will resolve, that’s if they even do anything at all.

 I shall have to call the department that came here on Monday to see if they might tell me whether they will actually resolve any of our outstanding issues.

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