Friday, February 17, 2012

Confident It Will Work Out Well.

Tomorrow Is Never, 1955.

Kay Sage


I am having another quiet day after the exhausting appointment for the second fitting of the new bed support.

It is good to sit in, well reasonably good right now, certainly better than what I have now, which does not support me at all, it will be even better once its adjusted.

In fact it just seems like it seems to make it worse, how I am sitting; it seems to make my leaning to the left so much more extreme.

Last night I tried out my new support, it was good, but needs some important alterations, like some foam removed by the shoulders to give them more room.

As it is now it does not give me enough room for my shoulders, so they were, squashed, not good way to sleep comfortably.

Certainly felt like it, so not the best introduction, but I am confident it will be resolved soon.

Until then I will sit in it and not also lie in it until Kees has made the change I need so they this support actually works.

By the way Quattron had to repay the money thy got from Agis, for the cushion they made me last year.

A pretty useless thing we tried our best to use it for as long as I could, until it was clear that I needed something that would give me the support I have to have now.

I am confident that this time I will get the support I need, I will discuss with Richie exactly what I think needs adjusting, see if it tallies in with his observations

Then next Friday we know precisely what needs adjusting.

A brilliant plan, one I feel confident is going to work out very well indeed.


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Have Myelin? said...

Sitting upright requires so much help when things go wrong - I wish it could all be done in one fitting! It is frustrating to hear about you going through this.

I can't imagine it, and I'm sorry it's happening.

Herrad said...

hi sherry,
thanks, it is horribly frustrating.
lovely to see your comment.