Saturday, February 18, 2012

confined in our 2nd floor apartment with no prospect of a resolution in sight.

Today has been very relaxing, despite the frustration of the lift still not working,since 2nd February.

Our landlord De Alliantie and Hopman Lift Bedrijf, the lift company have not managed to get the problem fixed since they were told on Friday 3rd February.

The complex problem, they can’t seem to fix is two faulty buttons for the second floor, which means I can go down but not always get back up again.

The lift engineer has been here many times, and on Thursday 9th February, he told us the control panel needed to be replaced, and this would be done ASAP.

The lift company as well as the Alliantie know that the problem is a faulty couple of lift buttons on two control panels, one low, and one high.

On Monday 13th February both the Alliantie and Hopman promised again, that both control panels would be replaced ASAP.

So far, what has happened is nothing has been done, shame as yesterday was such a mild pleasant day it was shame I wasn’t able to go out. 

We moved in May 2007, because I was isolated for one year in our second floor apartment, which had no lift.

We moved here because of the lift, now once more I am confined in our 2nd floor apartment with no prospect of a resolution in sight.

de Alliantie Amsterdam
Hopman Lift Bedrijf


I Wonder Wye said...

Well that sucks -I do hope they are quick to resolve the problem and you can get on with life outside the apt! I have lived with a rare cancer for more than 20 yrs and have been handicapped since '97 after my 3rd brain surgery and a spinal surgery (damn tumors). I walk (badly) with a cane and drive with hand controls but hey I am still here!
About to go to NIH for tests to see when I need a kidney transplant...wasn't the adventure in life I had anticipated but then again, as Lennon said Life is what happens when you're making other plans...blessings...

Webster said...

It is one thing to choose not to go out, and quite another when one Cannot get out. This is a matter of extreme urgency with regards to risk management, for both the owner and the managers. What if there's a fire? Unlikely, but possible. What if you have an appointment, as you did recently? Are all apartments so mis-managed? Is yours considered a subsidized building for "the needy or disabled?" If so, BOO on your owners. Hell, BOO on your owners and managers anyway.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Best wishes on getting your lift fixed! Each day a new thing you have no control over. Try to have a good day! Love, mary

Unknown said...

What a crime!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Herrad said...

hi janine,
thanks for your visit and request, why don't you go to view when you are reading blogs, then you click on zoom in and it makes it larger.
hope it works, sorry i took so long to respond, not a good week.
sadly i have not got san serif font.
let me know if it work, is any other font which you can read well.