Friday, July 27, 2007

Another horrible shock

My 12 noon carer came and as I was rolling backwards to make the turn into the hall to open the door, I had a strong spasm which pulled me backwards.

Tried to pull myself upright right away but too late was already beginning to flop backwards over the wheelchair.

Fucking horrible and very scary. Could do nothing to get back upright could just see Melitta through the window in our front door.

She did not seem to understand that I could do nothing to change my position as she was trying to encourage me to open the door.

Would have loved to open the door but there was no way that I could move as the chair was tipped back

Called out Richie's mobile tel. nr to her and asked her to call him and tell him to come home right away.

What seemed like centuries later Richie got home and pulled be back upright in the chair. I was running with sweat totally boiling from the exertion of hanging backwards over the wheelchair.

A nasty surprise for such a beautiful summer's day.

Oh well tomorrow is another day and it's bound to be better.

Happy days!!


mdmhvonpa said...

EGADS! What a horrible predicament. Help was just a meter away, but unable to assist.

Synchronicity said...

oh my...that must have been so frightening! is there any way to prevent it from happening again? you have such a wonderful just take it all in stride.

Stephen said...

i'm glad you wound up right side up! and glad that you were able to get help. i agree - your attitude is quite and inspiration.