Thursday, July 26, 2007

A better day

A better day today, my 10.00 and 12.00 carers arrived without any problems with the bell.

My new doctor came for her second house call, once a month ago to register me and today to see that I am ok as well as to take a swab to check for a possible yeast infection.

Very sympathetic doctor, seems keen to be supportive of me which is great. Sadly as she was taking the swab the doorbell rang before the doctor could get to the door whoever had been there was gone.

Cos I suspected it was my two o'├žlock carer I called the office to tell them there had been no attempt to check I am ok.

At three the woman who should have come at 14.00 called to say she had been and could not come again. However she promised she would in future call me on the phone to check I am ok.

Hope they all do would make us feel better especially my darling Richie and of course me cos it was not so nice sitting in wet clothes for hours.

Today has been joyous since my darling came home despite everything we love each other very much that's my ray of sunshine. That and my lovely friends.

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