Monday, July 16, 2007

Getting out and about

The days have gone by quickly since last week tuesday, the day after we went to A's birthday party I spent sitting around here with a happy smile on my face. I intended to go out thursday but by the time we were going out the weather had changed dramatically from summer to thunder and lightning.

Friday a good friend visited so did not get out either but Saturday I did go out to the market with my darling Richie. He was amazed when I suggested we go to the market, turned out cos I did not mention the market he just assumed it would not be a good going out day.

Well it turned into a great going out day, we had fun on the market visited all our favourite stalls and bought great fruit and veg and beautiful flowers, big pink and orange gerbers. Look brilliant on the kitchen windowsill.

On the way home from the market we visited the coffeeshop for us and the petshop for the dogs. As we started back to the flat I got a call from a friend, Anne to say she was waiting by the front door with a bottle of proscecio. Zipped home to see her and soon as we were home another friend, Cecile and another bottle turned up. Wow it was turning into a party. My darling produced bowls of nibbles and we toasted each other happily.

Our neighbour, Willes from the 4 floor came by as well as two other friends Paula and Lin so it turned into a very pleasant saturday evening pleasant company, good wine, great food brilliant evening.

Sunday was equally good we had a gentle start to the day and in the afternoon popped up to visit Willes and Henk on the 4th floor. Loved her red living room really great room. Nice to meet her bloke and we had a pleasant visit, wine for me and mineral water for my darling and then before I knew it one minute we were talking about blonding my hair and the next she had mixed and applied it to my hair and within an hour I was super blonde.

Today started not so nice with a huge thunder storm and torrential rain just when the mobility bus came to take me to the OLVG hospital for the last MRI. It all went ok even though the diazepam had not knocked me out by the time I went in the machine but I did not have a panic attack. Brilliant for me as I am so claustrophobic.

I fully expected to be too zonked this afternoon to go anywhere but surprise surprise off we went and did the shops as we had planned and got home before the next huge deluge. Feel very happy seem to have cracked it. So ok I am in pain and discomfort but I am in pain indoors too, so I might as well go out and get involved with the world.

Feel much better now glad I dared to break the cycle which seemed to be happening when I did not go out for a month. Happy days!


Unknown said...

That warms my heart....Here's to more happy days!

Stephen said...

so wonderful to hear of your adventures, and your circle of friends.