Monday, July 30, 2007

Not bad for a monday.

Gradually getting over the shock of friday really got to me it did. Feel scared shitless and totally calm at the same time.

Friday evening smoked several j's to get over the fright and for the pain in neck, shoulders and back.

Saturday we were not as bright as the weekend before but still went down to the Ten Kate market for fruit and vegetables.

And a couple suriname rolls at Surina my favourite Suriname takeaway. Richie had two tempe rolls and I had one with pom (suriname curried chicken and cassave baked in the oven) and one with saltfish.

Saturday evening we tried our best not to worry too much about how to cope with the latest development of me hanging over the back of the wheelchair.

Richie wanted to give up working and stay with me to make sure nothing happened to me. Persuaded him for now that even if he watched me all the time he and I can do nothing to stop the spasms.

The weekend was pleasant but we were both worried about today, what would it be like for me being home alone. Well it turned out well, my carers came at 10.00, 12.00 and 14.00, Richie
called me at 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00 and inbetween our neighbour Willes called from upstairs to check I was ok.

Rona from Zorgthuis called to say she was glad I sent her a set of keys, I also gave her all the important telephone numbers. Told her we were getting an alarm installed on the 23 of August, its mainly for burglary, fire but I get an alarm button to hang round my neck.

If I press it the call to check I am ok. If I am not they call Richie or if appropriate an ambulance.
Feel very reassurred after today that we have covered all the bases we can.

SO not a bad day today plus my new phsyio came by, she will be coming by twice a week which is brilliant. And on wednesday someone from the CIZ will come by to discuss other aids I may need and if I am lucky they may advise the council to give them to me.

Wednesday the stand up wheelchair for a weeks trial, hope the company can help me get one from the council would be great for limiting the sopasms, circulation and general good health as well as prevent sores from sitting down all the time. Fingers crossed I get one.

So got through Monday and better than I thought great stuff!

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