Thursday, July 19, 2007

Good old Welzorg

Today my speedy electric handbike arrived I was really excited all week about today and so was Richie. The man from Emcart went to the old address luckily he phoned the office who rang us and not too long after he turned up.

At first it seemed I would not get the attachment fitted as I don't have my own wheelchair yet.
Phoned Ferry who lent me the chair and he said as long as it can be removed he does not mind. Then had to check with Welzorg, Ruud (the extremely friendly engineer from Emcart) said he thought it would be no as it would mean two installations and that costs money.

Five mnutes of pure nerves, all three of us thinking it would be no when the answer was yes go ahead. Yippee I could keep it today and not have to wait for another month till I get my own sport wheelchair.

Good old Welzorg today they made me very happy. Finally something nice, I think I deserve it as I have been waiting for equipment since last August 06.

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Unknown said...

Hair looks great Herrad! Miss you....