Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So far so good

Well here I am sitting occasionally in sunshine then a dark cloud rolls over and vanishes as quick as it came.

At 10.00 all went well, my carer came on time and after she left I finished my breakfast toast and drank tea and read the old newspapers.

The 12.00 person came late at 12.25 just too late, half wet myself and by the time she lowered me on the toilet plus all the wrestling to get me in position meant by the time I sat I was too stressed to do anything. That means tha I am desperate now and will have to wait another hour til the 14.00 woman comes, one I know who is not so confident using the lift.

She always tries to be too quick and ends up getting it all wrong and getting totally flustered. I shall do my best to be positive maybe that will help her remain calmer. It seemed to work mind you by the time the lifting harness was wrapped round me it was too late again and I wet myself as the lift raised me out of the wheelchair.

All went well she got me down on the toilet ok and all went well but getting the new nappy on me was less successful and she broke off the sticky bit on one side hope it all holds together for another hour and a half til my darling comes home.

We will see.

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