Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Going up the Kinkerstraat

despite the rain had a good day went out briefly for an hour on the speedy, just up the kinkerstraat and over the ten kate market.

fucking brilliant to be able to move around without being pushed. it was all very damp from the downpour which looked like it was going to go on all day.

had lots of pretty painful spasms as we went along but great to see that they did not stop me going.

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pb said...

Have you tested Baclofen for the Spasms yet?

I was having 24 hour/day charley horse in both thighs.

Baclofen cleared it up, mostly. Took a few weeks and some adjusting of the dosage, but was real relief.

Congrats on your new mobility. Icing on the cake that it's fun, too!