Saturday, June 04, 2011

My Interest In The World I Live In.

The Golden Egg, 1967.
Victor Reinganum.

Beautiful sunny day, we both woke at 11; not surprising as we stayed up late and watched an archive program of The Old Grey Whistle Test.

A concert by Ian Drury and The Blockheads; what a wonderful performer Ian Drury was, really mesmerising

I remember seeing him on BBC 2 in the late seventies, I was just leaving to go to the pub when the program started, I nearly missed the pub.

I fell in love with Ian Drury that night, seeing him last night made me feel the same. 

He was good, I remember how good it was, that he sung in his own voice and not in the usual bland transatlantic voice so many others sang in.

It was a real breath of fresh air to hear Ian Drury singing in this own authentic Essex voice; I believe it encouraged many other bands to do the same.

Many songwriters were given encouragement to sing in their own voices with lyrics about their lives.

Bands like Madness also sung in their own voices, it was good to listen to them telling their own stories.

Telling my own story is what I try to do everyday, I do not only write about my MS, as that would not reflect my interest in the world I live in.


Anonymous said...

I did first find you as an "MS blog" (through Patrick, I believe), but YOU, not your disease, is why I keep coming back. I love you writing & your art choices. ~Mary

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your visit and lovely comment.
Its good to get feedback.
Glad you like my writing and the art.

Webster said...

I agree totally. You HAVE MS, but you ARENT'T the disease. There is so much more to you, to all of us, than that. Keep writing, Herrad, for as long as you can. And after that, you and Richie can co-write, as you co-habitate.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
Thanks for your comment, agree we are all more than the disease.
I will write for as long as I can.

Ana said...

I'm so glad you visited me!
Spike... oh!... i have to prepare myself for the time my Nell leaves. She is 13.
She is fine.
Write, write, write Herrad!
I met many amazing people from all over the world with my blogs.
This is so good!

Stephany said...

I agree w everyone else! Though the MS is there, I also see only YOU! Interesting posts, great art choices, you shine through to all of us. MS? what MS? :)

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
It was good to visit you, I hope Nell will be with you for as long as possible.
I will for sure keep writing.
Meeting people from all over is good.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for your lovely comment, you are right its the person not the disease that matters.

Thanks to you dear friends for coming by.