Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting There Slowly But Surely.

The Past, 2006.
Anastasiya Markovich.

So far there has been no phone call to cancel the appointment, like a month ago, when Quattron cancelled their visit one hour before.

Abit of a shocker, I am sure they could have let me know before, an hour before the appointment was quite upsetting.

Guess today will be different, looking forward to getting the big support cushion.

I will try to give Johanneke the benefit of the doubt, but feel strongly that I need an OT that supports me, and who communicates with me.

Johanneke got here early so we could talk; I explained that the lack of communication was upsetting.

Made me feel that I was the last person to know what was happening, I said I preferred to be directly informed about things affecting me.

Johanneke has promised to keep me informed so I will carry on with her, it was good to talk it out with her.

Dennis arrived late, the cushion is ok, it gives me the support I need, but was too high, so would not be able to use the table and laptop.  

it needs some adjustments which will be done Monday and I should get the support cushion back next Friday.


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

ugh! I hope they get the cushions right for the next delivery!!


Joyce said...

thank you for sharing a point by point story of how this situation is all coming together! how exchausting for herrad and richie! I am still surprised by all the people involved from so many sources in your care.....a real juggling act......glad you are letting them know how this has been upsetting for you and are on top of everything.........its almost over!

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
So do I,they felt good and seemed to give me the support I need.

Hi Joyce,
I could not believe that the cushions were not the right size.
Felt like getting a present which was instantly removed.
One more week to wait.

Thanks for coming by.p

Ana said...

grr.. They think we can wait and it makes no difference.
But at least this novel will end.
Love you,

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
Thanks for your visit.
There is always too much waiting, hope this spate of waiting ends soon.