Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cool, Grey Summer Solstice Today.

Reclamation, oil & gouche on board, 1944

It has been a pleasant, relaxed day, today is the summer solstice not that you can notice that it is.

Sadly the weather is overcast, cool, grey with the strong possibility of rain, not at all hot, summery and the middle of summer.

Even the nights in the last couple of weeks have not been as nice and bright because it has been so overcast.

We did need the rain as this spring has been very dry; it got quite warm middle of April, beginning of May.

 I was really hopeful that we were set for a gorgeous warm summer, we are still waiting, Easter was gorgeous, since then it has got cooler and damper.

Good for farmers, gardeners not so for the rest of us, I am longing to get outside again in a t-shirt like I did on 24th April.

Who knows it could still get warm again, as it did last year when it was also cool in June, then we had a huge temperature swing from 20 to 30 degrees literally overnight.

Tomorrow is the appointment with Annelies and Welzorg to discuss Ruud’s suggestions for further adaptations that are needed to the wheelchair seat.

Annelies is pregnant so it might be that we do not see her again before her pregnancy leave, so we have a wee present for her, some shower gel, shampoo and body lotion.

John Tunnard


Sherri said...

oh how i long for some cool and overcast days! we have had the hottest spring on the books i believe... and no rain since february....

Kelli said...

So nice to hear you had a good day. What a thoughtful gift for your friend.

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Herrad
Haven't visited your blog for awhile.
Thought I'd say Hello. We have a mail strike in Canada so I can't send you any snail mail :)

The weather has been very rainy here too.

Glad you will be getting your cushions soon.
Bye to you, Ritchie, and the pups

Nancy said...

It is just warming up here as well. Today was the first day of A/C. I hope you get all of the adjustments made so that your chair is comfortable and serviceable.

Herrad said...

Hi Sherri,
I hope you get your wish for cool days, I would love it getting warmer here as its only 17 degrees.

Hi Kelli,
Lovely to see your comment, the presents were for my mobility aids advisor from the council.
She has been excellent, kept me informed and did everything she promised quickly.

Hi Carole,
Lovely to see your comment, really hope we both have some nicer weather soon and your postal strike ends soon too.

Hi Nancy,
Good to hear you are getting warmer weather, maybe we will get warmer weather too.
I hope too that I will get all the adjustments I need.

Thanks you 4 dear friends for coming by, lovely to see your comments.