Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Pain Is Manageable During Daytime.

Elle Loge La Folie, oil on canvas, 1970.
Roberto Matta

The weather is improving, the clouds are slowly moving away and the sun is starting to shine now.

Friday and saturday were cold, grey, rainy, on both days I wore my big fleece top to keep me warm.

I think unless I am very mistaken, that maybe the last time until autumn, hope summer will start to happen.

Be nice if it were to happen slowly, rather than go from 16 to 30 degrees which is like going from cool spring to blazing hot summer.

This morning I was woken abruptly from deep sleep by my painful right arm and lots of leg spasms.

Trying to drift back off to sleep proved difficult to do; it only worked briefly, kept waking up with my right arm folded tightly over my chest.

Every tiny involuntary movement woke me; my arms were dreadful this morning, better now I have done my arm exercises.

Also better now that I am reading newspapers, e-mails and typing my post, during the day my pain is manageable because I have other things to focus on.

It’s nighttimes that can be difficult, waking in pain and trying to sleep without getting caught up in dark thoughts is not always possible.


Ana said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better and being able to focus on other things!
This is a reward. Don't push too much because you don't need stress and do just what you like.

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
Thanks for coming by, good to see your comment.
I agree with you that I do not need any stress.
I shall take your advice and do things that I like.

Rhapsody B. said...

I am thankful that you are able to have some sense of control in the pain manageablitity.

I pray you get some restful nights.

my regards to Richie

Herrad said...

Hi Rhapsody,
Thanks for coming by,during the day and evening I have plenty to distract me and thc to help me relax when the pain gets too much, thc helps me sleep too.
Have a pleasant week.

Webster said...

I too am waiting for Summer. What was to be three nice days in a row now might be overcast and not sunny. So far this year I have sat out on the patio one time, with a blanket on my lap at that.

So sorry about your nighttime pains. Best to just breathe through them as best you can until you fall back to sleep. Glad your exercises help.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
Today is our first summer day, its hot and sunny.
Sadly just heard there areq thunderstorms on the way tonight.
Thanks for your visit nd advice.
Have a pleasant day.

Have Myelin? said...

Have you ever tried to "dream your way" to a distraction at night? It is hard for me to explain what I mean... I wake up early every morning (usually because I'm upset) so I started creating distractions in my mind (instead of trying to calm myself down which was NOT working) and suddenly I found out I was actually going back to sleep. LOL.

I hope that makes will have to figure out what kind of "distractions" work for you.


Herrad said...

Hi Sherry,
Thanks for your visit and tip, I will try it tonight.
Sometimes doing my arm exercises helps me drift off again.