Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Good Afternoon.

Cycle Vanitas.
Eva Svankmajerova

As Richie was about to sit me in the wheelchair, the phone rang, it was Marjolein van den Berg from Agis.

She enquired whether I had received a phone call from Quattron yet, when I said that had not happened, she promised she would ensure I got a call.

Forty minutes later Dennis Klein phoned me, he seemed puzzled why he was calling, I explained.

That it was because of the agreement they made with Agis, that they would phone me and let me know when I would get the support cushions.

He said they always make the appointments with the client’s occupational therapist, I said fine, but it would also be good to inform the client too.

Especially when this was agreed with Agis as it had been, on 9th June, but sadly they decided to ignore this promise as well as me, the client.

I said that I hoped the appointment wouldn’t be cancelled again an hour before the appointment, Dennis assured me that he would be here with the cushions this Friday.

The appointment this afternoon with Annelies, my mobility aids advisor and Welzorg went well, they will do their paperwork and organise an appointment with Ruud.

My case manager Jacqueline came along which was useful, we discussed the arco, she said she would ask questions, before they left I gave Annelies the presents which she loved.


janis said...

Oh Dear Herrad~ Will the cushions EVER arrive? This is so dreadfully WRONG.
I pray that they will come tomorrow & that they are correct...
Love to you~

Stephany said...

Great AGIS called you and forced the other call to happen, finally the cushions will arrive!! Maybe Richie can take a pic for us!

Great self-advocacy Herrad, though I wish you didn't have to do it!

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
Thanks, I am sure they will be here tomorrow at 11 am.

Hi Stephany,
Agis were good, you are right I should not have to push so hard.

Thanks to you two lovely friends for coming by.
I hope the cushion is here tomorrow.