Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Maybe Good News On Thursday

Football, 1953.
Victor Reinganum.
This morning I got a call from someone from Agis, my health insurers saying she was phoning because they had received some complaints.

The complaints were about me not getting my support cushions; she wanted to know why that was.

So I told her that the reason that I have not got them was the disagreement between Agis and Quattron.

She seemed surprised at this, as if she did not know about any disagreement, she asked me to explain.

So I told her that Quattron were suspending supplying anything to anyone until Agis paid them again, she seemed extremely surprised at this.

She said that could not be as they had agreed to pay for the support cushions and promised she would sort everything out.

I also was promised that this situation would be resolved asap; she said she would call me again on Thursday to let me know.

So finally nearly a month later, after being disappointed at being let down so badly an hour
before I was to get the urgently needed cushions, I may get them after all.

I will not get excited until I know for sure, hopefully Thursday this week, that would be good news.


kmilyun said...

I so hope you get good news about the cushions and you get them ASAP! The air conditioner also. Yikes how warm/hot does it get there?

Bureaucracy - should be a four letter word.

Herrad said...

Hi Jan,
I hope I get both to, it can be 30 degrees here June/July/August.
Agree it should be a 4 letter word.

janis said...

Oh Goodness! Its one thing after another. How wonderful if & when this gets sorted out & you will have the relief that the cushions should bring.
Thinking of you & trying to get caught up on Blog reading.
Love to you Dear Herrad♥

kmilyun said...

so that is upper 80's? 86 deg F we get that here too also sometimes stays over 100F in July and Aug.

I hope the A/C is approved that is way to hot with the MS especially.

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
Thanks for your comment, you are right its one thing after another.
I hope this gets sorted soon so I can relax.

Hi Jan,
I hope too that I get airco, last year it got over 30 degrees which meant no sleep.

Thanks to you two lovely friends for coming by.