Monday, June 27, 2011

Hot Monday.

Carribean Caterpillars with Spade Fish
Mairead McGeown

It is hot summer here today, 30 degrees, blue skies and sunshine; there is no direct sunshine on our building.

Our apartment faces to the east so we only have sunshine briefly in the mornings until 11 then its gone, that’s a shame as sunshine in late afternoon is so enjoyable.

We have curtains closed to keep it cool inside which helps some, but does nothing to diminish the temperature.

Just heard that there maybe thunderstorms tonight, which may bring the temperature down again.

Both windows in the bedroom are open to catch the breeze, the fan is right next to me, so for now I am doing alright.

Richie told me he is buying a small airco unit, which should be delivered here on Wednesday; I think that will do the trick.

Sounds like hot nights will be bearable for me, with the airco by my bed, and the mosquito net to protect me from bites.

Looking forward to wearing my summer t shirts and enjoying the good weather while it is here.

The warmth will be good for our strawberry plants, looking forward to eating more delicious strawberries, so nice to share some with Richie every day, love seeing him pick them.


Gareth said...

Hi folks great to read ya got a little arco unit to keep ya cool. There is nothing quit like a starwberry picked and enjoyed, our's are doing really well and even Paul has munched a few:) Will be keeping me fingerrs crossed that your chusin arrives back on friday.
Hope ya get out and about soon to show off ya new toggs

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
The airco unit will be here on Wednesday got the day wrong.
I hope the cushion will be here friday.
Have not been out since I fell, must go soon.

nicole said...

I just had a strawberry smoothie concoction I blended together...delicious. Store bought strawberries, but still tasty!

Webster said...

We were promised a 77F day today and overcast, but it didn't get higher than 73F. That would usually be perfect, but one or two warm days followed by several in the 60s doesn't warm the ground, so it doesn't feel like Summer. It feels more like early Spring.

BTW, we have been having decent weather for several years, so I shouldn't complain. I haven't put my turtlenecks or my fleece away yet, nor have I brought out my cropped pants.

Hope the Airco does the trick for you when it does finally warm up.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
It got hot here yesterday, too hot for me.
Tomorrow the small airco unit will be here.
Hope it gets warm for you soon.