Saturday, June 11, 2011

Appreciation For Welzorg's Help.

Joseph Gonzalez.

Thursday I had a nasty accident, fortunately I was not hurt, the wheelchair had tipped forward when we crossed the zebra crossing by the Hema.

Perhaps it happened because we crossed too fast, the junction is reasonably good, and the pavements at the crossing are nearly flat to the ground.

The wheelchair tipped forward, and had rolled over; fortunately I did not fall directly onto my head.

I rolled out of the wheelchair on my left shoulder and that had protected my head, plus my Amsterdam cap had protected my head.

Ten concerned people helped us, firstly someone who was a doctor checked that my neck was okay, and then Richie got alot of help to get me back in the wheelchair.

The only damage was to the metal support under the table which was badly bent during the fall.

Richie could get me home with much effort, we were so glad when we got indoors.

This means it is not possible for me to go outside with a working surface, which hangs beside the wheelchair, what a calamity, especially because it’s Whitsun here this weekend.

I hope that I can be helped tomorrow, so that I can go outside that would be fine.

Yesterday I had a good experience with Welzorg, when I phoned their emergency service.

First they proposed to come by on Tuesday, when I said then I can not go out for 4 days, I got an appointment between 12 and 17 the same day.

I was happy and a nice fitter called Michel came by at 13.15, he straightened out the bent support, I thanked him and I also rang the emergency number at Welzorg to thank them also.

The woman who I spoke to was astonished and very glad; she said that no one had ever thanked her in all the years which she worked at Welzorg.

I had made her day and weekend. 

She said she told her colleagues who were also glad, nice to make people happy by thanking them and showing that I appreciated their help.


JC said...

I'm sorry you fell out of your chair but so glad that you weren't hurt and that the chair is fixed.

I've been busy with life and things. My son graduated from High School yesterday.

Enjoy each moment ...

Rhapsody B. said...

Oh God almighty, thank the heavens you are alright and hadn't fallen on your head as you said. It must have been so humiliating. I know when I fall in public I feel so ashamed and try to right myself and behave as if it never occurred. Its good you were blessed with angels that came to your aid and then again to accomodate your need to get your chair fixed.

How is richie? I trust he has recovered as well? He couldn't have felt too good seeing you take that tumble. Take care of each other.


Karen said...

I am glad you were not hurt Herrad, and that they fixed your chair quickly so you can get out and about again.

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, I'm glad the chair was repaired and that you are OK too.

Here's an inspiring video to watch of a young man singing in Korea's You've Got Talent

Have Myelin? said...

Oh wow I can't imagine such an experience.

Yesterday we went to eat in honor of my daughter at a very unique place, a Church that's been turned into a quiet resturant. Anyway, four separate couples came in (they were not together) but all four had some kind of powerchair or mobility equipment. It is unusual to see four sets at once I think. The waiter was befuddled because the bathroom wasn't that accessible and I was kind of watching the whole show I guess...wondering how it was going to play itself out. Thought of you. We were done before the bathroom question was addressed (LOL) but FOUR sets...oh my....


Peace Be With You said...

I am glad you and your WC are on the mend.

Herrad said...

Hi JC,
How lovely your son has graduated, no wonder you have been busy.p

Hi Rhapsody,
It was horrible, so quick one minute I was in the wheelchair the next sailing through the air.
I heard my head hitting the road, brilliant I was not hurt.
Richie is still shaken by it, poor fellow.

Hi Karen,
Thanks we were both relieved I was ok, not a scratch on me.

Hi Stephany,
It was amazing they fixed the chair so quickly.

Hi Sherry,
It was a horrible experience.
Amazing you saw 4 sets of people all with mobility aids.p

Hi Judy,
Thanks we are both happy I and my w/chair are ok.

Thanks you 6 lovely people for coming by and leaving your caring comments.

janis said...

Hi Herrad~ Hope all is fine today♥
You have been in my thoughts & prayers.
Love to you~

Webster said...

I saw Richie's post about this, so I know you're alright. But gosh, almighty, what a calamity! It's nice to know that so many people came rushing to assist instead of blithely walking past. Good for you - and good for Richie. I guess this means you won't be feeling the wind in your face anytime soon, especially on a calm day. Your walks will now be taken at a snail's pace.

It's okay Richie - Herrad's a tough nut to crack!

Ana said...

I'm sorry you fell... :( the cushions didn't arrive but I hope this week they will.
I'm glad you're fine.

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
All is fine thanks for your kind thoughts.

Hi Webster,
Thanks for your comment, I think you are right we will take it easy from now on.

Hi Ana,
I am fine thanks, cushions will be here on 24 June not before, which is a shame as I need them now.

Thanks to you 3 dear friends for coming by.
Thursday was worrying, we will have to take it easy.
Mind you we always have taken it easy, really do not know what happened the other day.
Strange as we always have the wheelchair on speed 3, which is walking speed.