Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thumbs Up For Welzorg And Down For Quattron.

Raoul Santoserpa.

What a week, tumbling out of the wheelchair, that has shaken us both up alot, guess we will have to get over our shock and get back outside.

Then getting calls from Agis, out health insurance Company, because of letters of complaint received, unhappy that I have been waiting for the support cushions since February.

Agis called Quattron, the supplier, who told them they would call me on Thursday to make an appointment to deliver the cushions.

They did not, when I called them on Friday, they denied that they had agreed to call me; they could tell me nothing, nor would they give me an appointment.

 Then I received an e-mail from Johanneke, my occupational therapist, informing me that Quattron had called her and told her they would deliver on 24th June.

Amazing they could call her, but not me, not even an e –mail, once the support cushions are here I hope that I no longer have to deal with them.

They seem to not care about their customers, at least that is the impression they have given me, this was amplified by the total disinterest of whoever I spoke to on Friday at Quattron.

Welzorg on the other hand were great, they sent someone out on Friday afternoon, who straightened the bent support for the wheelchair, which meant I can use the wheelchair.

Brilliant response from Welzorg, I was very happy to thank them for their help, support, they really impressed me, not so Quattron, I hope they become more customer orientated soon.  


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad and Richie,

I've written my thoughts here (click to read)on my blog. It is just unacceptable they are still delaying manufacturing the cushions for delivery until June 24th. They should have a list of emergency jobs and ones that need attention due to their lack of competency...

HUGS, I hope you get them earlier than expected.I am sorry you have to endure shoddy care in your time of need, patient-centered care is a must, and it is clear there is a lot to work on before that happens.


kmilyun said...

Woo Hoo! Progress is being made. Sure hope the cushions arrive as this has been an unnecessary ordeal for you.

Tell Richie not to be to hard on himself.

Enjoy the day as always.


gareth said...

Hi Folks, BIG UPs to Welzorg for responding to your needs, as for quattron have found there website and will wait till you get the cushions then Will rant at them if thats ok with you:) Very scarey for you toppling out of chair, really glad to read your ok:)hope Richie is ok to?
Wow what a trip we had more than 500 miles in 1 day photos on face book. Enjoy Pinksteren Monday BIG LOBVE@HUGS GXXX

Herrad said...
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Herrad said...

hi Stephany,
thanks for your comment and past, your post made me cry.
the care system is cruel and has no care for anyone, workers or clients.

hi Jan,
i hope so too, but won't believe it until here.

hi Gareth,
mail Quattron whenever you want.

thanks for coming by, today has been dreadful. l have very little arm function today. Richie is typing this for me.
Love Herrad