Monday, June 20, 2011

A Mere Formality.

 Hammersmith, 1946.
Julian Trevelyan.

I may request another occupational therapist as I am unhappy with my current ones seeming lack of consideration.

Think I will discuss this with Richie see what he thinks and whether he thinks I can go on with Johanneke.

I feel dubious about being able to carry on, really am finding it difficult to deal with someone who seems not to understand that having a progressive disease means swift action.

Johanneke led me to believe at the joint appointment with Quattron, on 26th January, that she and Dennis Klein would do their paperwork quickly.

She told me that getting the o.k. from Agis was a mere formality, and I should get the urgently needed support cushions quickly.

The first shock was getting an e-mail from Johanneke at the end of February to say she had just sent the paperwork to Agis for their approval.

When I queried this I found out that Dennis sent her his paperwork on 28th January, Johanneke got the supporting letter from the doctor the week after.

Johanneke’s part of the paperwork was finally completed at the end of February, at the end of March Agis said yes.

The cushions went into production 2nd April; I will get them finally on 24th June, so much for a mere formality.


Webster said...

On the surface of it, her lack of action seems lazy and uncaring. If she is a good OT then have a candid conversation with her the next time you see her, and base your decision on how she responds. Good luck. You deserve aides who will take up your cause and have your back.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
Thanks for your good advice, I will do that.

Joyce said...

I wish you luck dealing with all of this.....i think Webster gives you good advice.....

Herrad said...

Hi Joyce,
I agree her advice is good.
Thanks for coming by.

Have Myelin? said...

I think Webster's advice is very good. You do deserve aids who have your back. See how she responds. Sometimes a candid conversation opens doors!

Herrad said...

Hi Sherry,
I agree and I will have a candid conversation this friday, hopefully that will help.
ps I have had a couple of these before, but still hopeful.

Joyce said...

but make sure you tell her how disappointed and angry you are at her handling of your cushion

Nicole said...

I tend to get upset when clinicians don't have a sense of urgency.

Sherri said...

very sound advice indeed...

i'm hoping to hear she is not just lazy... but maybe extremely busy? or having some other issue that was not preventable?

at the very least she needs to communicate with you better....

best wishes and i hope you find some resolution!

Kelli said...

So sorry you are have to put up with this. An OT should know better.

Nancy said...

Yeah, she doesn't seem to be on the ball. Someone else might understand that these things need to be taken care of sooner than four months.

Herrad said...

Hi Joyce,
I will for sure tell her that I am disappointed how the cushion has been handled.

Hi Nicole,
Me too, they need more empathy.

Hi Sherri,
The lack of communication keeps happening, we talk and it happens again.

Hi Kelli,
You are right an OT should know better, she is supposed to be supporting me. I have had more support from Annelies my mobility advisor from the council.

Hi Nancy,
She doesn't seem on the ball at all, I will see what happens Friday.

Thanks to you dear friends for coming by, appreciate your comments.
I am angry and disappointed, especially as a we have had several candid conversations where she has promised to communicate with me. But does not manage to do so.
No communication is not good, plus I feel a lack of empathy and understanding of my situation, there needs to be some urgency when dealing with a patient like me with a progressive disease.
I shall see on Friday.