Sunday, August 30, 2009

Enjoying today.

Taking it very easy today, had a strange night where I seemed to fall asleep right away only to find myself listening to the music and realise that I am awake again.

It’s an odd feeling,like getting somewhere and finding you should be somewhere else altogether.

I am trying to regain my balance again after the news that it will be almost two months before the adapted chair will be ready.

By then I shall be screaming to go outside, have been hoping for his moment since end of January when Ton was so optimistic that the wound would be healed very quickly.

Then we thought I could be up and about for my birthday on 17 March, sadly I was in bed, but kept the dream alive of getting out there.

Enjoying the summer, going to the park with Richie and the dogs, but each moth has come and gone and I am still here.

Have done my very best to stay positive and still am but it is hard especially as I am noticing how much more pain and discomfort I have these days.

It is because my muscles are getting very sloppy, they are not being used, and no wonder Richie is constantly adjusting my position in the bed.

Right now I have concertinaed and am sitting very strangely, my body is zig zagged, gone cork screw shape.

Hanging to both sides and my neck is getting the brunt of the pressure.

Back in a moment once Richie has helped me regain my equilibrium, he did so by just adjusting me so my spine is straighter now.

All it took was a small movement to get me sitting better, mind you now the laptop does not see to be right in front of me.

Still it is better than just now, have cricket commentary on the internet radio; it is the cricket commentary from 5 Live.

Had an intimation of what it must be like to be contemplating work tomorrow, should not go there but really have been noticing that I would so love to be back at work.

Blimey, to think that when I was still working I sometimes felt abit hard done by, now I look back and smile at my foolishness of feeling hard done by then when compared to now it was paradise.

Things can be worse and here it is they are worse and still I am cheerful and optimistic and looking for the good things to enjoy.

Would not have thought it possible for me, had I been told this a few years ago, but yes there is life after a progressively disabling disease.

Today has been very changeable, blazing sunshine and then huge quantities of big fluffy clouds and then blue skies and sunshine.

The theatre across the road has been hired out for a birthday party, Richie saw the band arriving and said he has seen people leaving with plates of tasty looking food.

It sounds very pleasant over the road at the party, with everyone singing Happy Birthday and all the kids joining in vigorously.

Lovely happy sounds which is nice for a warm and relaxed Sunday, hope Richie brings me a bag of THC soon as I am having quite a lot of pain.

Ok here comes a bag of THC vapour for me to inhale then it is pills and shortly after a long session in the shower, hair cutting time and fingers and toenail cutting.

A traditional Sunday getting ready for the week to come.

Tomorrow I am determined to get the last bit of paperwork sorted and sent off so the log jam will be cleared and life can become even more relaxed.

For now I will enjoy Richie playing the banjo in the front room and the kids playing outside and the sun shining so prettily.


Celeste Maia said...

I am on the road, Herrad, and will only arrive in Madrid by Tuesday evening. But I wanted to say hello. And hope that you enjoy the banjo playing and the voices outside. Tomorrow you have time for the paperwork....

Herrad said...

Hi Celeste Maiam
Thanks for coming by.
Happy travels home.

Nancy said...

Your pictures are amazing today, Herrad. I so loved the one with the little bee on the cake flowers.

Glad the day for you is a good one, and not too hot. Take care and have a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad!! I can't imagine the year you've had...2 more months...I just wrote a post about playing the waiting game too! I hope it breezes by. I'll never forget your b-day now, St-Paddy's day! :-) How neat that Richie plays the banjo! I'm a big fan of BlueGrass music, I'm glad you can have that to enjoy! Sorry I'm so late here, have a great evening! PS: glad you liked my ice cream pic, lol!

robert said...

Good morning Herrad,
coming from a small village, we used to see many cows and nearly as much farmers, who always knew something more than me.
For a September they would say that it is the May of autumn.
Life beginning anew, awakening in a summers light.
Wish you a nice beginnig of the new week, month as well.

Herrad said...

Hi Nancy,
I too really like todays pictures, was not looking for anything but bees and flowers and the cake was among the selection that I found.
It has been a good day, hope yours was too.

Hi Rain,Lovely to see your comment, its nice to see.
I love hearing Ricie playing, blue grass is a big favourite.
This last year has been incredible.
Although confined to bed the blog sphere has kept me feeling well connected and alive.

Hi Robert,
Famers know things differently, they see it from another perspective.
Hope you also have a good beginning of the new week.

Thanks for coming by and leaving your very welcome comments.
Have a good week.