Saturday, August 15, 2009

The New Football Season has started.


It was a huge relief once the meeting was over yesterday, felt extremely tired afterwards.

The worse of those meetings is all the questions that bubble up when the meeting is over.

Never know whether it went well or not and the more time elapses the more convinced I get that I have mucked it all up.

Yesterday my questions were: will it get done well and is my optimism justified.

Hope so; really do think that despite how it feels it is best to approach people optimistically.

Hope that the result is good, just realised just now with great relief, that Jenny, from the RCA will measure exactly how I sit in the adapted w/chair.

She can see if it supports me well and enables me to sit up without danger of getting another pressure sore.

Find that a very reassuring thought that Jenny will be the safeguard so I won’t be a guinea pig.

Mostly I am optimistic, but have had a few unpleasant thoughts that the w/chair won't be well adapted and I get another pressure wound.

That is a nightmare I don't want to have, but it has crossed my mind a few times and got me worrying.

Imagine, all the horror of knowing exactly what lies in store, can’t believe it is a year next week Friday that I have been in bed.

Am looking to reduce stress to a minimum, try not to whip myself up by dwelling on things, and emphasising the wrong elements

Getting stressed is not a good idea, stress and MS are not a good combination and add hot weather and life is not nice at all.

The new Football session has started today, which means the end of summer is approaching rapidly.

Real shame as despite the unbearable hot days it has been a good summer, wish I could have been out there.

Been ready since February for the moment when I could see something other than this room.

I don’t mind it getting colder but it is the sudden darkness at the end of October when night time is so much longer.

My favourite months are March to June when life is bursting out all over and the days are getting longer.

This time of year, when it is not dark until 10 pm is very nice, mind you have noticed already that it is dark just before 10 pm.

That is a sign summer is getting to its peak and then we should have I hope a pleasant autumn for me to venture out in.

I am enjoying the football coverage on the radio, it is on BBC Radio 5

Have a good Saturday, think I will as Hull just got their first goal of the season against Chelsea.

Brilliant hope the season goes on as well as it has started, seems the goal was scored by Steven Hunt, a favourite of mine when he played for Reading.

I am made up, today has just become even better.

Have a good Saturday too.


Anonymous said...

Hello Herrad! Showing optimism even though you may be feeling otherwise...for me anyway, that would be a tough pill to swallow, especially knowing what they did to you. But I guess you can't go into the meeting swinging either...I'm so glad you have Jenny, someone you can trust to fit the chair properly, and I'm guessing you'll be on the lookout for any type of sore you might develop...hope the process is quick and you can get outside soon! Funny, my favourite time of the year is autumn! I don't like that the days are shorter, but I do like that the bugs all die off! And also, I find there is a crispness in the air...the forest smells lovely during the fall too, and the colours of the leaves are spectacular! Have a great time watching football!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

It is not easy but I am hoping my optimism will encourage them to shine by making the w/chair safe for me to sit in.

Autumn without the sudden loss of daylight would be great.

In Trinidad the sun sets at 6 pm and it is instantly night.

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

I hope the optimism changes their attitudes as well! I think that by the time January rolls around, I'm aching for more daylight, lol. But because I love star gazing, I don't mind that the days are shorter, at this point I'm asleep on the couch and I keep missing the fun stuff in the sky!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
I am hoping they will feel good and be good too.
Used to hate January until i realise that the end of January meant more light.
Love noticing 10 minutes more light ist makes me feel good.

Anonymous said...

Every one of those pictures was so engaging.

Is my optimism justified? Excellent question. I surely hope so...~Mary

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
Hope our optimism is justified, I really do.
Have a good weekend.

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad! greetings on Saturday. I love summer too, and this summer being so hot is over quite quickly here, many of the hot days just getting through the heat caused days to pass, faster than usual. I have found over the last year that autumn and winter ended up being my fav time to go out on walks, I walked thru all of that cold winter weather waiting for summer, and it turns out summer was a bust for walking! It's been cooler this week and my legs are screaming at me that I didnt walk as much!

Whenever it is that you get into that wheelchair will be a glorious day, and just letting go of the whens and what ifs will help. You know me, that is what catches me up too, the worry about the what-ifs this and thats.

September is always very pleasant here, and I bet it will be for you too, and you won't be outside in horrid hot temperatures which will be a good thing!

Just keep visualizing that first time seeing outdoors, and savor that and try not to cry. I like how you reminded yourself that the crying can take another person down with you emotionally, that was helpful for me to read.

Hugs, have a pleasant evening

Stan said...

Dearest Herrad:

So glad to see you looking through those star gazed eyes hoping with optimism.

As a new football (both Football and American Football) season rings in; the signification of the seasons changing and reawakening upon this heated skin of summer's wane.

We can for a moment take rest-bit with hope stretching forth to the beginning of golden leafs framing natures majestic portrait.

Wishing for you a restful and peaceful day full of enjoyment and kindness.

Your Pal,

Friko said...

Hi, I'm Friko and new to your blog. I've seen you on robert's blog and thought I'd pop over and take a look.
You have posted some wonderful pictures!
I also admire your spirit and endurance, best wishes are with you. I shall visit a lot more, if I may.

Libby said...

hi herrad! it's getting closer & closer, isn't it?? whee!! it would be nicer if it didn't have to get dark earlier in the autumn, wouldn't it?

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Lovely to get your comment, thanks for reminding me that as it has been so hot September might be better than May for me to go out in.
September looks set to be very pleasant and you are right whenever I get out it will be a glorious day.
Hugs to you too, hope you have as pleasant an evening as we have.

Hi Stan,
Lovely to see your wonderously poetic comment.
My day was very pleasant with the sounds of playing children and the voices of neighbours drifting in through the open window.

Hi Friko,
How nice to meet you, I am very happy you came by, you are of course welcome here anytime you want to come by.
I was curiou about your blog and was very interested to read a post about Macbeth and became a follower as I want to visit often.

Hi Libby,
I do not like it either when it gets so dark so early, don't know about America but here they turn the clocks back.

Thanks for coming by old friends and a new friend, hope you all had a good day today and will have a pleasant Sunday.


Kris said...

HI Herrad!
I have your same feeling with the seasons. The other day I was working late, and at about 8:45pm I peeked out the window through another office (I'm still in a cubicle, facing away from life) and it was DARK! I could not believe it. I was convinced that the day before was still light-ish before 9.

But I do love Autumn. I'm working hard on Vh1 Divas right now, but I actually hope to pop into Amsterdam in Oct for a holiday! I'll keep you posted on that.


ps I've read a few posts in the past about you loving Prosecco... I just reviewed my new fave. I hope you can find it on your side of the pond!

robert said...

Allow me to wish you a nice Sunday as well.

Celeste Maia said...

I hope you have a stress-free Sunday, Herrad. It has been so hot here lately that I am longing for Fall, which is my favorite season. The crisp days, kids going back to school, a new cycle starting. However, like you, I dont like the dwindling of the daylight.
Hugs from Portugal.

Nat said...

Hi Herrad. For those of us now relegated to Division One (that is Division Three in old money!) the football season started a week before. I went to the game and had a lovely sunny afternoon.