Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fresh pasta and ice cream and relaxing.

Yesterday was a pleasant relaxed day, two great visits from dear friends made it even better day.

Richie took off with the dogs to the park after giving me baclofen tablets and delicious homemade lemonade.

After the ‘pack’’ left for the park I settled down to translating the post into Dutch, I suddenly noticed that the perfume that Richie had applied in the morning was starting to smell odd.

Very strange, did not think anymore of it until over an hour later, when Richie and the dogs got back all hot and sweaty.

When he brought me some lemonade he d0iscovered that the catheter tube had become disconnected and the tube was emptyi0ng urine o0ver me.

Strangely the urine had only wet my upper body and I had not noticed anything, not until Richi0e discovered that my upper body was lying in a small bath of urine.

This was also when the smell became overwhelmingly obvious.


Not the pleasant and relaxed end of the day we had looked forward to.

Poor Richie had two hours of work to look forward to instead sitting down and recovering from being out in the heat playing endless ball with two delighted dogs.

At the end of two hours I had been showered from head to foot and was doing my 30 minute of leg exercises with the Motomed.

By this time I had finished it was gone 9.30 pm.

Not the evening we had expected.

We had a very late dinner which was fine as it was cooler than earlier in the evening when it had been unbearably hot and sticky.

Not nice to eat when you are melting, even the dogs were knocked out and did not want to do anything, except perhaps a biscuit or three.

Another boiling hot day today with high humidity again, which is unbearable.

Nothing untoward has happened wi0th the catheter but notice we are both extremely cautious and have checked the tubing.

Will be sometime before we are totally relaxed about it again, mind you it is good to have a checklist of the things that need extra attention.

Has shown again that it is of utmost importance to check everything diligently, in the hot weather it is important to check for signs of yeast i9nfections.

Armpits and tops of legs and under breasts are prime spot; in this hot sticky weather a yeast infection can run rampant within a day.

Very important to keep on top of this, it seems to0 be innocuous but yeast i9nfections can if not treated have serious consequences.

After posting I shall enjoy a smoothie of carrots, apricot, mango and lime juice which will be delicious.

Going to ask Richie to make pasta with broccoli and aubergines and tomatoes and anchovies and apricot crumble and ice cream tonight.

Todays menu sounds luscious and full of lovely healthy fruit and vegetables still shocked that George Bush had declared that tomato ketchup was a vegetable.

Only in his world of big meat an endless burgers could ketchup be a veg.


Have a great day.


Celeste Maia said...

Your pictures made me so hungry for icecream and berries, I went into the fields around the house and picked up a basket of blackberries, my fingers purple from the juice.
Your dinner sounds amazing, I see Richie is also a good cook! I say also because he is your guardian angel, your best friend.
It is also very hot and humid here, sleeping is hard with the sheets getting glued to the skin.
I hope you have a pleasant Wednesday, Herrad.

Charisa said...

Your healthy fruit and veggies sound wonderful! Good luck with the heat and humidity - I hope it cools down a bit for you soon!

Stephany said...

Dinner sounds yummy Herrad! yes, not too fun about the cath tubing! what fragrance is your favorite for perfumes? I love plumeria, or tuber rose, gardenia category. that's my main "have to have" is a spritz of perfume or body spray in the morning after a shower, and in the afternoon another spritz is refreshing. i think the only time i don't have perfume on is for a mammogram! (required no perfumes or deoderant for the xrays to work) and even then I spritz my legs.

it's been warmer here too, back in the 80s, amazing how a little increase in heat makes it difficult to sleep 100%.

I think the apricot crumble sounds really good.

Have a pleasant evening and supper! thanks to Richie for taking the dogs out and taking care of you afterward, hope he knows all of us are always appreciate to read he's such a good caregiver besides your soulmate.


Libby said...

okay, herrad, you've done it now....i'm going to go take a shower & cool off, then i'm going to take my scooter down & get a HUGE chocolate mint milkahake!!

Herrad said...

Hi Celeste Maia,
Hope you enjoyed your blackberries.
It is very hot and sticky here.

Hi Charisa,
Its getting hotter but keeping cool drinkng cold pomegranite juice.

Hi Stephany,
Tuberose and gardenia are some of my favs too.
Wore perfume after a shower and put mu earrings in.

Hi Libby,
Enjoy the shake it sounds yummy.

Thanks all for coming by.

Lucy said...

Thank you Herrad for the congrats on my reward. I am very awkward as you know with this. Sorry about the catheter. That can be a real bummer. Your food sounds so good.

Herrad said...

Hi Lucy,
Lovely to see your comment thanks for coming by.

Cranky said...

Herrad - catheter leaks can really sneak up on you! We've had a few instances of not realizing the nozzle of the bag wasn't 100% closed and discovering to our dismay a leak on the floor or bedsheets.

That Richie is most definitely a keeper! :-)

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,
It really did sneak up and ambush us.
Worrying that I can sit here really wet and not notice.
The upside is I got another lovely shower which was very pleasant.
Richie is for sure a keeper, he is a real sweetheart.
Have a good day tomorrow.
Love to you and Skip.