Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Glimpses of blue sky and sunshine.






Sitting here in my now usual slumped position, aware that I am not comfortable but very difficult to almost impossible for Richie to get me any better.

Today I got woken by one of the rubbish containers being emptied with a loud bang this coincided with a huge spasm that pulled me down the bed quite a distance.

Richie had to adjust my position by lifting me upwards in the bed; luckily now my arms are stronger I can help my lifting myself slightly off the bed.

This means my shoulders and shoulder blades do not get dragged but sort of surf above and get placed gently.

Extra street sweeping today because the council employees have just put in a flowerbed outside one of the ground floor apartments.

If you are on the ground floor you can apply to the Council for a flower bed, this you plant and maintain yourself.

It is a nice part of the Amsterdam street scene that so many streets do have flower beds, there are many tall hollyhocks outside houses and quite a few fig trees too.

Shame it is just not warm enough to plant lemon trees and other citrus, be good to have fruit trees planted in town.

Nice to be able to pick an apple and good for the bird and insect life too which we do need as they help sustain life on the planet.

Wish human beings were too instead of seemingly bent on destroying as much of the planet as possible.

Real shame that it was decided to use so much oil for every single process so we now have an over concentration on oil use.

Real shame because the concentration on oil and pushing cars on people to the detriment of public transport has contributed to global ecological disaster.

Wonder what could have been developed if the car had not been push so hard, or they had designed cars that ran on electricity or gas even solar powered.

Perhaps now we would not be so dependant on machines that need fuel, perhaps we would be using more people and less machines and maybe people would be valued more.

Perhaps we would not need to fight wars to sustain our need for more and more fuel.

Maybe wind and solar power would be more developed and instead of car companies churning out cars they could be making other things.

Shame that the banking crisis and the whole economic collapse has not been used to try another way.

Why is business still being done the same way, seems they want to convince us that it is all over now and there is recovery.

It is not true surely all that happened is the banks and the car companies w e re given billions.

The people who have lost their jobs and their homes are still homeless and jobless and have no way to recover.

Seem to have got into a rant here which I did not mean to one minute I was talking about flower beds and then oil intruded.

Got so involved that I did not even inhale the bag of thc that Richie left for me before he and the dogs left to go to the park.

Heard the jublilant dogs leaving for the park as Richie set off with them on the bike, they love to run next to the bike.

Richie has to get them to slow down as they go mad and take off like crazy, there have been few times when people have told Richie off for making the dogs run too fast.

Seems they can’t understand that Richie is not making them run faster, in fact he would like them to run slower but slower is not part of a Jack Russell’s skill set.

Look forward to my heroes being back any time soon.

It is a very warm every now and then overcast but also glimpses of blue sky and sunshine.

I am going to sit back and enjoy, going to select radio in my favourites and go visit some blogs.

Hope you all have a pleasant day too.


Richie said...

I do enjoy your rants!
I often find a small irritation in my life and then realise the reason I am being irritated are global and the result of the greed of the parasite class.
Surely they do not want the future they are forging for us- they have children, grandchildren etc. Maybe they think the rich can survive in gated communities as the planet burns.
Oh well lets enjoy the flowers.
Nice photos- very pretty women, can I get an introduction?

Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! Nice photos!!!! Really great to see you! Being a lover of weight lifting, all I can say is "nice guns", lol! I'm so happy you're pumping up your arms! Since my pec and shoulder re-injuries, I haven't lifted any weights. I hope to be able to see a specialist on PEI when I get there, so I can get back to the gym. So, today is quite dark still at 10am, rain on the way I'm landlords have a light detector monitor attached to all the outdoor lights, and they're still on because it's so dark! Nice and cool at 20 degrees today, I love it. I don't even mind the rain! Today I have a few chores to do, have to go to the post office and do my change of address form, then go to the mechanic to have them check my car. The "check engine" light went on about a month ago. Usually that causes me panic (well, financial panic), but I'm pretty sure it's because the numbskull gas attendant didn't close the gas cap properly. When that happens, the light goes on to tell you that you have emission control problems. It's not dangerous to drive, but I still want to have them run the computer through the car to make sure it's nothing serious. So that's my day! And I will continue my knitting later. Spencer got a special treat today...some yogurt after his breakfast, lol. Of course Winston got some too!
Have a great day!
Love the red hair, btw!

Herrad said...

Hi Richie,

Thanks for your comment, glad you like my rant.
I was feeling abit self concious about it, so thanks for the reassurance.

Hi Rain,
Hope your car is ok.
It is 25 degrees here and cloudy with occasional sun and blue skies.
Look forward to reading about Spenser on your blog.
Red hair was my fav, always felt better whem my hair was short and red.

Thanks both of you for coming by and commenting.

Cranky said...

Herrad - thanks for the photos. Can't wait to see the next in the series, which is you back in a chair.

Hope you have a lovely evening.

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,
Thanks for coming by, good to see your comment.

Lucy said...

I love the photos of you. You look in much better shape than I would have believed. You go girl!!! I posted Spunky on my blog today as you asked. He is a wee bit slimmer. I took a little spill and at nearly 80 it takes its toll on old bones and then I remembered when I felt a little more like myself that I had said I would post Spunky. I still keep up with your dogs. They look so healthy.

Herrad said...

Hi Lucy,
Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.
Thanks for your sweet words.
Also thanks for posting photos of Spunky, he is a lovely looking dog.
Great photos of him with his toys, very sweet.

Libby said...

hi, herrad! i love the hair! and your rant! you know, all it does is make you seem a LOT more human to me. really, sometimes i think you're just too good to be true! lol!

Herrad said...

Hi Libby,
Thanks for coming by and for your comment.
It made me smile.

robert said...

If everyone wanted to paint upon the subject of force, will power and life, these serial of photography would be best for inspiration.
Please have a nice Thursday.

Kimberly said...

Love the photos of you Herrad! Your wheelchair sure is unique. Half wheelchair have Vespa! LOL
I agree with your rant. I say bring back the horse and buggy. Would also force us to slow down and smell the flowers. Big Hug to you!

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, I love the photos, you're very vibrant. Have a nice day today

steve said...

A smile that lights up the room and brains to boot. All of the good ones are stricken...

Friko said...

Hi Herrad,
Glad to get to see you (and know you) better. Your rant is the rant on every sane person's lips right now, but big business and vested interests still prevail

Your vehicle looks quite snazzy!.

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your nice words, much appreciated.
Hope your Thursday is pleasant.

Hi Kimberly,
The Speedy attachment is great fun, sadly I won't be able to use it again as the chair is no longer suitable.
Wish we could bring back horse and cart, also on the farm, apparently farming uses enormous amounts of fuel.
Slowing down and smelling the flowers and enjoying this wonderful place we live in would be a good idea.
Big hugs to you too.

Hi Stephany,
Glad you like the photos, could not find any from 2008, not yet.
Hope yesterday was a good day and today too.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your sweet words.
It's a shitty disease that takes away so much.
Can only cope by being myself.

Hi Friko,
Really nice seeing your comment, I am alspo enjoying getting to know you.
You are right there is too much vested interest.
Shame they do not see the vested interests we all have in a healthy planet.

Thanks evryone for coming by and leaving such nice comments for me, really has made my day.
Have a good Thursday.