Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday afternoon and the happy sounds of our neighbours children playing on the street.

When I first woke up I was warm, so warm that I did not think my chances of falling asleep again were very high.

To my great surprise I did drift off again, the way I knew I had, was because I woke up a second time.

Twice a huge spasm shook me right out of sleep, not a pleasant thing to happen and especially not when I was so peaceful and relaxed.

After I had completed my arm exercises, then Richie did his usual leg exercises and leg massage and I started to feel better.

Brilliant that a combination of exercises and massage and THC can make me feel so much better.

Exercise, massage and THC really do get me relaxed enough to feel happy and cheerful, would hate to think how I would be feeling if THC were not available to me.

The only reason Cannabis is not the favoured drug is purely business interests.

The other franchise has powerful intersts but this is never mentioned,if only hypocrisy could be done away with it would be a better world.

There is an almost religious fervour in the campaign against drugs like Cannabis while Pharmaceutical companies make yet more drugs to keep people dependant on them for their entire lives.

Seems the companies prefer to concentrate their research on drugs that stop the progression of a disease, or gives some extra time but do not research cures.

Johann Hari’s article in The Independent is very interesting.

The focus of the Pharmaceutical companies is, that they want to keep their customers for life and in that time they will supply them like any drug dealer does.

Their other focus is to ensure that as many brand names drugs are sold as possible, and stop poorer countries from making cheaper copies that the poor can afford.

The big drug companies slow down the fabrication of large scale release of drugs needed to fight epidemics like the swine flu for reasons of preserving their patents and therefore their virtual monopoly.

‘’ factories across the poor world are desperate to start producing their own cheaper Tamiflu to protect their populations – but they are being sternly told not to. Why? So rich drug companies can protect their patents and profits ‘’ Johann Hari.

What about the fight against drugs in Mexico, it seems weapons are smuggled over the border from the USA, and unleash a tidal wave of violent crime.

The war on drugs is killing Mexico’s police and even the top brass are not immune to the violence.

High ranking law enforcement agents and the military are no longer safe from attack, a series of assassinations of high ranking Government Officials in Mexico City made it clear that almost anyone can be considered a cartel target.

While this is happening, great numbers of people both in the US and in Europe are now using cocaine as their drug of choice, mainly because of the greater availability of cocaine rather than cannabis.

And what about religions which urge people not to kill and then sees religious leaders blessing their troops before they go off and sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

Some countries carrying out genocide like in Rwanda

And also Scotland with the Highland Clearances

And what about racism such as in Quebec where French speakers are extremely hostile to non French speakers.

Then there are the many recent deaths of young men serving with the armed forces in Afghanistan, this week it was 6, the week before it was 8, 14 deaths in two weeks, that did not need to have happened.

Surely we have better use for our young people than sending them off to die fighting useless wars and all for oil in Iraq and oil and gas in Afghanistan and strategic access to other countries such as Iran and China.

Since my diagnosis and the quick progression of my MS I have realised once again how good life could be if only we valued it more and everyone were treated well.

Sadly this is not really happening for the majority of people on this planet.

I have been trying recently to concentrate on other thing, as I do not want to be just stuck in the world of MS and being handicapped and needing 24/7 care and attention.

I very much enjoy posting, a daily diary is a good thing with a note everyday of how I feel but as I have always been very interested in Social Justice I do not see MS as a reason for me to stop looking and enquiring.

In fact I need it more than ever to keep me feeling connected to the world.

This helps to keep me happy to be here writing this and listening to the sounds of our neighbours children playing on the street.

Happy to reaffirm my intention to enjoy the here and now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! Despite all the horrible injustices in this world, I do believe we have to try and make our own happiness, like you suggested in your closing paragraph. There are some things we can fight against, some things that completely control us, and other things we just have to move away from...but we can always choose to enjoy what we have at this moment right? Since you mentioned the "anti-Quebec sentiment" I'd like to say that, at least in my lifetime, I saw that sentiment start in 1980 during the first referendum for quebec to separate from Canada. The hatred was terrible, people fought openly in the streets, on city buses...killed each other. The french wore "oui" buttons and the English wore "no" buttons. This was all egged on by the leaders. That's when my "political innocence" was destroyed and I saw quebec politics for what it really was. I definitely feel an anti-quebec sentiment, as do tens of thousands of others who have experienced the crap that goes on here - and I can say first hand that this sentiment is a direct result of the way the french quebecers treat/speak of/mock the English and all ethnic groups in and around quebec and the world. I don't consider myself a quebecer, it's too disgraceful, I consider myself a Canadian.

I mentioned in a comment today on my own blog that it is quite noticeable that Orford and the next town Magog are 99.9% caucasian french. I have never seen a black person in Orford, and only on two occasions in the last 2 years have I seen any in Magog. I've NEVER seen an Asian person here. I've seen and heard some Spanish speaking men, but at the hotel where the spa is located, they were guests. I read that the diversity of the population is a direct reflection of the prejudice of the residents, and I find that so true in this case. Sad, but true!

Sorry for the novel here, it's a touchy subject for me these days, and I'm still trying to work it out and move past it!


Anonymous said...

Once you let go of your interest in outside subjects/articles, etc., one becomes very introspective and dwells on their problems. Their problems no matter how small become larger problems, just by concentrating on them.

I think it is to your credit that you still have varied interests and opinions and I am glad to be able to read them every day.

Good post,

Libby said...

herrad--the world is so depressing now. i used to be very much into politics...not so much now...i dont like anybody's ideas here in the us...i guess i'm an 'equal opportunity hater' now i concentrate on stuff i can do something attitude!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
You are right about it being important to focus on what we can do.
We need to make our own happiness.
Sorry if I have cauased you any problems with this post.
Was shocked to hear your description of what it was like in the 80's.
Prejudice is shitty and really stunts people.

Hi Anne,
I do try and read a wide variety of newpapers and opinion pieces and keep interested in what is going on in the world.
Think that is important.

Hi Libby,
Good to concentrate on the things you can do something about.
Real important to spread abit of love and joy everyday.

Thanks for coming by and commenting, I really appreciate it very much.
Good to communicate through comments.
Have a good afternoon/evening.

Anonymous said...

Oh Herrad no you didn't upset me any more than I already was!!! Your post consoled me because I felt free to add to what you'd already started! 1980 was terrible, I remember being in a city bus, I was 12 years old, a bunch of "oui" button boys jumped a "no" button boy and threw him off the bus from the back was terrible. Hard-line sovereignists are a scary bunch, but I guess that goes for all extremists!

I'm actually doing a lot better today, had a good day outdoors yesterday and that really helped things!!! :)

Lucy said...

Everyone is much smarter than I am on this subject, but I do want to say In my own mind I do not feel there will ever be a cure for MS, Muscular Dystrophy, ALS. From the day my son started deteriorating and spent months in VA hospitals and a stint in a nursing home and a never ending search for that one doctor that could give him hope and he finally realized he was not going to get better, I have felt there is no cure for any I mentioned. I hate saying that but in most cases it was true as far as I have seen. Am I bitter?? You better believe I am.

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Glad I did not upset you as that was not my aim, would really hate it if I did.
That sounded really horrible event for you to see at any age but at 12 yrs of age...bloody hell!!
Good to hear you had a good day today.

Hi Lucy,
You are probably correct that there may be no cure for MS and ALS and Muscular Gistrphy but there also may be a cure.
Up to now most research has been to look for drugs that can slow down the progress.
The pharmaceutical companies do not want cures they want everyone to be dependent on them.
Could not belive it when I heard there was no cure.
Did not realise then that the Medical profession knows very little about the how's and why's of MS.
The two Neurologists I saw could not tell me anything useful like prognosis.
I can imagine you are bitter, think we all are to a certain extent.

Thanks you both for coming by and commenting.
Have a good start to the week.

Denver Refashionista said...

I continue to agree with you on the THC thing. It is legal in Colorado for people with a medical license and it helps us so much.

Richie said...

A great broadside! You always have been interested in the whole world not just the square metre ou are standing in. One of the first things (you know what the very first two things were) that attracted me to you was the way you made at least two trips to the library a week- always a hungry mind !
You have your say- it's all we have got!

Nancy said...

I agreed with everything you had to say today. I,too, believe the drug companies are out to make sure people are always using - their products! The doctors are their pushers. It seems every time we go for a check up they want one of us to take some sort of drug. I refuse. Vitamins only, at least at this stage.

As for making cannibus leagal, I totally agree. The cartels in Mexico would go out of business in a day. The illegal farming would be curtailed, and it would become a taxable commodity, much needed by many states in the US. As for sending our sons and daughter off to war? Don't get me started....

BTW - Those pictures are unbelievable!!

robert said...

Sunday afternoon and one further word my son learned, this time it was: Bus.
He deals with Greek and German at the same time.
Dear Herrad, reading what you write is always of great interest and always able to teach me something I did not know before.
Thank you for that, as many times I don't know what to write, nevertheless asure you to have read it. Please have a nice start into the new week.

Celeste Maia said...

What Ritchie wrote about you, Herrad, "always a hungry mind" shows in every one of your posts. It is your mind that keeps you afloat, and your arms strong with the exercise, and interested about world affairs. Even though realistic about your situation, you are hopeful about life. And write such intelligent and interesting and provocative entries every day.

Herrad said...

Hi Nadja,
THC is invaluable, it really is.
Does it help you sleep too?
I am so glad it is available here, would hate to be on pills.

Hi Richie,
You are right I have always been curious and I used to read all the time until I had to have glasses and stopped reading in bed.I am still intensely interested in the world around me.

Hi Nancy,
You are right making cannabis legal would make it taxable like the Dutch have which brings in lots of much needed revenue.
Glad you liked the pictures.I typed in flower and insect and selected those pictures.

Hi Robert,
What is the Greek for bus?
Good your son is learning Greek and German, this is the best possible time for kids to learn languages, when they do it almost automatically as they want to communicate.
In abit it would be good to introduce English.

Hi Celeste Maia,
I have always had a hungry mind and in some ways have grown even hungrier since I have been in bed. Do not want to only be able to talk about how much pain I have.

Thank you all for coming by and leaving a comment which is appreciated..
Have a good day and start to the week.

robert said...

Good morning Herrad,
as I do only speak German to him, he'll learn Bus from me; from my wife he hears: Leoforio, which is much more difficult.
English will await him probably in kindergarten and French, in fifth grade.
He's able to understand now both, German and Greek, starting to choose how to reply.
his home.