Friday, August 28, 2009

Have to be patient.

The appointment was all talking and sadly none of the actions such as I had hoped and thought would happen.

Instead, I was told at length all about the procedure that I already knew, except it took an hour interspersed with a couple of calls that Michelle got rid of by saying she was in a meeting with a client.

During the hour I was told how how the project would progress, seems Michelle is on holiday for two weeks she will be back on 14 September and the second appointment is on 17 September.

At this appointment someone from Welzorg will be present, this is because they are the official supplier who work together with Summit.

In order to get the go ahead we have to go through this procedure and involve Welzorg
to get the Amsterdam City Council’s approval.

It was very frustrating to find out yesterday,that all that would happen was talking, when what I wanted was for things to be rushed through.

Had thought that my situation would be taking into account and the whole process would be speeded up.

Sadly it seems that this is not going to happen.

On the 17 September Harm from Welzorg and Michelle from ARCA and Elwyn from Summit will be here,

The first 45 minutes will be them discussing what will be done technically to the chair, I asked if they could not do this up at the Rehab Clinic but it could not as they needed my w/chair.

Elwyn will measure my electric wheelchair, in the next hour Elwyn will also measure me and he plans to bring their chair with the bag attachment.

He wants to take the first step of registering my body imprint in the bag attachment, I get placed on the chair and air gets blown into the bag that fills up around me and moulds itself to my body..

The imprint of my body is registered and I am removed and replaced in the bed.

After this meeting, Elwyn has to put in an estimate of how much the job will cost and why it is needed.

As soon as Amsterdam City Council give the go ahead, Elwyn will make the mould which will be used to make the back rest and the seat.

He thinks doing the first step on the 17 September will give us abit of a head start when the all clear comes through from the City Council.

Then there are 1 maybe 2 more appointments with Elwyn for fine tuning and then I will have the adapted electric wheelchair.

This really sounds like it will realistically be October before I will get the custom made seating, shame as the street party is in September.

Was hoping to be there too, as that is the last chance this year of enjoying an neighbourhood street party.

I guess my next big chance to meet my neighbours will be at the Christmas drink at the Fijnhout theatre across the road.

After the meeting I was so very disappointed, really was especially as I had thought that I had been told everything would be done to speed things up.

So that I would not have to spend a moment longer than I needed in bed and now it seems that I will have to wait until mid October.

So there it is burocracy got me into bed with the pressure sore as a result of cost cutting and not making the wheelchair to fit my measurements and is now keeping me in bed an extra 2 months because procedure must be followed.

My response will be to try to keep as calm as possible and to look forward to getting out to see and enjoy this beautiful city that I live in.

Things could be worse and may even get better soon as I can sit again.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

I am sorry you have to deal with the delays after so long. I wish you well and am hopeful for bureaucratic speed.In the US we call our congress or senate about unfair practices and need for individual considerations. (The healthcare debate has been a little different).Politicians are in a position to change policy and I don't know if you have any that could affect change in your situation.Best wishes. Nice pictures as usual

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Herrad:)

Greetings and salutations:)

I am sorry about the procedural delays and I hope and pray that every thing will be speeded up so that you can participate in the parry.

In India we get over the procedural wrangles by greasing the palms of the officials.

As you rightly said--PATIENCE IS THE KEY.

You are always an inspiration to me.

The photos are gorgeous and astounding.

In Kerala we are gearing up for Onam festival. It is one of the biggest festivals here and celebrated by all irrespective of cast, creed or religion.

This festival is to mark the memory of the legendary king Mahabali under whose rule the people of Kerala had a wonderful time. No poverty, no hunger,no homelessness, no sickness, no robbery, no cheating, nothing, nothing but everyone had a heavenly life.

My prayers and best wishes Herrad:)

Celeste Maia said...

How frustrating, Herrad! Burocracy is so maddening, I cant believe it will now be October when you finally get the chair. It is not right. At least it will get cooler and it will be more bearable to be at home, and the day will come Herrad, the day will come when you will finally go outside. Thinking of you as we pack and close the house and prepare our return.

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
I am hopeful that the burocrats will make a speedy decision, but realistic to know they will do as they please.
There is no local politician that can affect a change for me, tried this when it took so long to get an accessible appartment.
I was stuck on the 2 floor without a lift, and was essentially stuck indoors for 11 months until we finally got this place in May 2007.
As with everything we got the appartment just when I could no longer come and go independently.

Hi Joseph,
Greetings and saluations to you too.
Think that I will have to be patient and wait until October.
My consultant from ARCA is on holiday for 2 weeks and is back on 14 September.
The next meeting is 17 Sept. after Summit,the company making the mould, talk to Welzorg they put in their estimate of the costs involved.
They will register my form so when the Council say yes he can make the mould right away, this takes 2 weeks of fine tuning and then its mine.
Think that mid October sounds realistic I think.

The Onam festival sounds good, what a wonderful time of no oppression by anything.

Hi Celeste Maia,
Burocracy is indeed maddening, going to try not to concentrate on it and will let all the burocratic meetings take place here of people who patronise me and try to impress with their technical knowledge and prowess.

Thanks everyone for coming by and commenting, nice to be exchanging opinions and ideas and getting all your support is brilliant.

Erin said...

I'm sorry Herrad. Definitely frustrating to know that it will be October before you can get around, especially when it's all because of procedure. I say it's unfair to make you wait any longer. You've been waiting too long as it is!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you that they will speed this process up for you.

Herrad said...

Hi Erin,
Thanks for coming by and leaving a supportive comment, it is much appreciated.
I will try and stay calm and focus on getting outside again.
Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh Herrad, that totally sucks. I hate when I get my hopes high then get disappointed...I know you have no choice really, can't cut through the red tape...but I do hope the time passes quickly so you can get outside for fark's sake!

So, I have good news, I'm now out of debt! I haven't been debt-free since...I was 16 years old! I can't believe it. Everything went smoothly yesterday with the payments and the dozens of phone I'm in "recovery" mode from the last 3 years of financial anxiety...I slept like a baby last night. So it's nice and cool at 13 degrees this morning, I lit a fire and the boys are sleeping like angels under my sweater! I'll send you some photos!

Lucy said...

I can sympathize with you Herrad on the delays. They are so frustrating. One thing I don't think have mentioned to you is that with Mort he has so much more help managing his MS to the different symptoms and so forth, compared to the US. Thank you for your kind thoughts in this difficult time. I wish I had a sister or brother left to talk to sometimes but I am the only one left. We hope Mikes treatment will be simple but know it won't be. Like your pictures, and best wishes for all good days you have.

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
I will have to keep calm until mid October when hopefully I should have the adapted chair.

Brilliant news you are debt free now hope this will free things up for you and give you a bit more room to move.
Have a good day.

Herrad said...

Hi Lucy,
Thanks for your visit ands comment.
I will try to stay calm and optimistic and hope that I will be surprised by the chair being done quite quickly.
I0t is good to have so many good blog friends , you all give me so much suppo-rt, hope I can give abit of support to you too.
Have a good Friday and weekend.

Kelli said...

Herrad - So sorry to hear it is going to take longer than you'd hoped to get your new chair. I can hardly wait to hear of your adventures on your first day out.
Patience dear Herrad.

Herrad said...

Hi Kelli,
I will do my best to be patient and wait until I have the adapted chair.
Should be mid October by the time I get it.
Have a good weekend.

robert said...

Isnt' it impressive that the light of those images you provide tonight, may travel thousands of years until met by our eyes...

If possible would like to offer you 'seven-mile boots' to step even through time.
Please have a nice weekend.

Herrad said...

Hi Robert;

Thanks for visiting, the stars are impressive, they will be around forever.

Have a good weekend.



Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Herrad
Is there a politician you can yell at?
Maybe show them your blog and what you have had to put up with ? Ask the people who organize the street party to go yell at them too?
Just an idea. I am frustrated that you have to be so patient.
Can I yell at somebody for you ?

Herrad said...

Hi Carole,
Wish there was someone I could yell at but there is not.
Have to wait patiently until the burocratic process has run its course.
Wish you could yell at someone for me.
Have a good Saturday.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

Oh my gosh, how frustrating! Loving your pictures, Herrad.

Herrad said...

Hi Not Very Anonymous Mum,
Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.
Your support gives me a big boost.
Have a good weekend.