Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Rainy Wednesday in August

Rainy Amsterdam.

Slept very soundly and peacefully until a spasm woke me up, we took it very easy and slowly, in some ways too slowly.

It was nearly 2 pm by the time I had done my arm exercises and Richie had done the leg exercises and massage and I had taken the 3 baclofen tablets and THC.

As I was getting sorted to start up the laptop suddenly the alarm went off on the pump that keeps the mattress pressure evenly balanced and constantly changing.

Nimbu 3 air flotation mattress.

When Richie heard the alarm he instantly pressed the button that keeps the pressure static in the mattress, until help arrives from the company.

First I got Richie to tell me the phone number of the company which is Arjo Huntleigh,I phoned and the number is no longer in use!

Looked it up on the internet and found them and phoned this time the number rang twice and cut off.

Tried to phone my case manager without success, so tried the Arjo number. Again, and got through right away.

I spoke to a very helpful person, who put me through to the department dealing with emergencies, another very friendly and helpful woman took the serial number and assured me someone would be around today.

After I rung off we both noticed that although the mattress was still inflated it had reduced considerably.

No wonder that it had got unpleasant to lie on, as it was noticeably sagging, although Richie tried to shift me, nothing could be achieved until the engineer had arrived.

I would have to try and keep calm and hope that they would be here soon.

And they were, just over 30 minutes after the engineer rang me he was here and the new pump fitted and within another 30 minutes the mattress felt good again.

What a relief, also because I got hold of them quickly and they could get someone here so quickly.

All in all took just over an hour for the problem to be sorted out, funnily enough I had been planning to phone the company and request a new pump as the one I had was getting louder.

There is one more thing to do and that is check that I have their emergency number so that if there is a next time it will be available quicker and without any stress at all.

Despite it being an overcast and rainy day I am feeling cheerful now the problem has been resolved.

What a relief it is alright again, and probably even better as we both now realise that some of my recent problems with being unbalanced in bed may have been down to the mattress not being as inflated as it should have been.

Happy Wednesday in August.

Quick update.

Yesterday I had a call from my consultant ringing to make an appointment for this Friday for her and someone from Welzorg to come around and look at the chair and talk us through how they will adapt the chair for my needs.

The plan is to carry out these adaptations next week.


suejan said...

Hi Herrad-soundsfamiliar, I hate things going wrong-repairs nightmare. I'm lucky don't get spasms now -bought a memory foam mattress already have rise & fall bed and loads of things for ciculation. I find hand held shiatsu massager on sole quite good.

You probably can't waitfor your chair-will really enhance your life.
Hope it's not too long

Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings Herrad....
I am glad you got everything sorted out. I tend to enjoy the rain most people don't. I love it. I hope you the adaptations in the chair is to your liking and expectations. My regards to richie.

Love the pics

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, it's raining here today too, the last few days finally rain brings an end to that heatwave and near drought conditions and not a moment too soon for the plants outside and trees! This makes me think of a story....

The air mattress camping comes to mind reading your story. (glad the bed was fixed!) I took my 3 daughters camping when they were little, and one time we were rained out. The tent filled up with several inches of water, and we each had acted like queens and were sleeping in sleeping bags on air mattresses. First, the youngest thought the air pump (foot pump) was a snake and started jumping on it. Then, the rain came and one by one the hissing sound of the mattresses lined up in the tent deflating. Mine was the last to go, laying there laughing at us all then laying on flat air mattresses in wet sleeping bags. Funny how those memories end up being the fondest ones!

I hope you are having a pleasant evening tonight as I write this, I just got back from a morning walk in the after rain fresh air, Koda is happy about the heat being gone too.


kmilyun said...

Hiya Herrad,

It is super that they fixed your bed in short time.

I slept so wacky one night last week that my memory foam mattress cover came undone somehow and wrapped around me like a cocoon. I was having a dream that I was a butterfly emerging when I woke up.

Other than the panic of trying to get out of it I sort of was bummed that I did not get to finish the dream.

I can almost smell the rain looking at your pics -

Hope the the chair adaptations go smoothly and I can hear about your adventures out and about.

** Yikes I am on my third try with the word verification LOL my fingers are dumb today **


Lille Diane said...

I adore you, Herrad! I'll pop back to read more later but wanted you to know how much i appreciate all the warm hugs you sent me!! Love you, pretty girl!
PS happy your bed situation will be resolved!

gareth said...

Watcha H popping by to say A BIG HELLO so glad to hear that things are moving forward with getting your chair and that the bed was fixed.
Me been busy making Plum jam and pickled beetroot so got red sticky hands Wow I can multy task:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! I'm late today!!! :)

Wow that is great luck that you got such quick service! Thank goodness you persisted and found them! Hope you have a great sleep tonight! And even more good news about the chair!!! Cheerful news indeed!!! Tomorrow is my big shopping day, so I may only check in tomorrow evening! So I wish you a great rest of this evening and a wonderful Thursday!!!

Herrad said...
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Denver Refashionista said...

I'm glad you got the issue sorted out without to big a hitch.

Herrad said...

Hi SueJan,
Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.
I am looking forward to the w/chair being adapted.

Hi Rhapsody,
Good to see your comment, I never minded thed rain if I had rain gear.
I am looking forward to the adapttions being done.
Hope next week or the week after.

Hi Stephany,
The mattress is much better now which is good.
Your camping story is very funny, disasters often make good stories.
It would have been pleasanter if Scotland had not been beaten 4-0 by Norway.
Could be the end of their World Cup hopes.
Richie is sad.

Hi Jan,
It was good they came so quickly, as I was not doing so well being on a sagging deflating bed.
But it all ended well and quick and the engineer was pleasant too which was appreciated.

Hi Lille Diane,
Lovely to hear from you.
Hope you are doing well, you are very brave getting your life back on track after that horrible accident.
Did the person that caused that crashed into you and caused the accident get sanctions from court of law?

Hi Gareth,
Lovely to see your comment, plum jam and pickled beetroot yummy sounds like great fun.
Have fun.

Thanks everyone for coming by, really cheers me up seeing your comments.
Have a good day tomorrow.

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

Hi Herrad!
I am sorry I haven't posted to you in awhile but still always on my mind. I am glad they were able to fix your bed in such a quick amount of time. That would be unheard of in the United States. I am also so very excited for you about the chair for you. That is going to make a world of difference for you.

Have Myelin? said...

I hope your bed situation will resolve itself soon. And yes the word verification is quite stoopid. Usually I have to do it more than twice. (that probably means I am stupid, ha!)

Celeste Maia said...

Good morning, Herrad. I wish it would rain here too, it has been unbearably hot and dry.
I am glad you got everything sorted out so quickly. And are keeping up with the exercises.
Sending hugs, Celeste

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
It was too late when I saw your comment in the early hours for me to respond.
Hope your day is going well and you are getting your big shop done satisfactorily.

Hi Nadja,
It was very good they could get here so fast.

Hi Tara,
It was brilliant they could provide me with a new air pump so quickly.
What a relief.

Hi Sherry,
The mattress is good now which is good.
I hate the word verification I always do it twice grrrrr!!!!

Hi Celeste Maia,
It rained yesterday morning and got hot and dry late afternoon and is warm and very humid today.
My arms are well exercised.

Thanks everyone for coming by, hope you all have a good day today.