Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seeing Eamon Today..

Last night I seemed to drift off to sleep without any problems until I realised I was awake and listening to some men having a very involved conversation right outside our bedroom window.

I tried my best to not get annoyed and upset about their loud voices, but did wonder why they had to stand around at 3 am discussing something.

Did manage to stop myself getting annoyed but sadly sleep kept eluding me, I was not aware that I was thinking, so my brain was not consciously active.

Also did not feel distressed just could not drift off, I really did not want to wake Richie so was relieved when he got up to go to the toilet and I could ask for some THC.

Not too long after I had inhaled the vapour I finally went to sleep, knew I had as I woke up this morning with a huge leg spasm and some loud noise outside.

The noise outside was someone emptying the litter bins in the play area opposite our building.

Every morning they get emptied and every morning it sounds like someone is hitting the metal container with a hammer.

Somehow I managed to drift back off to sleep to the sound of the street cleaning machine whooshing by brushing the street as it goes noisily up the road.

We get more than our share of street sweeping as our road connects to others so they will sweep our street at least 3 times every morning.

That is a lot of high speed brushing early every morning; the Council seems to have quite a few of these high tech machines for street cleaning.

None of them seem to be quite as good as an ordinary broom, as each street sweeping machine has to have someone on foot brushing the debris toward the machine so it can deal with it, by mainly leaving it in neat and tidy heaps for some other machine to deal with.

Strange way to keep the roads clean, many years ago I worked briefly for my local council as a street sweeper.

It was a good job for awhile, I was out in the fresh air, it was summer and residents were very friendly.

I was well looked after with constant offers of cups of tea and lemonade and sandwiches from nice people who loved a chat.

Much preferred it to the office job I had where I had to sit in the same tiny office as the boss and answer phone calls from him inches away from me.

A strange man, who would phone me to request a cup of tea or that I get him a file when he was right by me and I could not only see but hear him too.

He was obviously having a fantasy life as an e executive of a large company with a secretary in another office who he had to phone.

Instead of a small factory on an old dilapidated industrial estate, in a non descript building, making sewing machine parts.

Funny that I suddenly thought of that job, bl0imey that is a long time ago now and far away now.

Almost like it did not really happen, except it did but like so many things they seem to be stories and not reality.

Which I guess is the reality of life, you live and you accumulate stories, some of which sound like made up stories even to me who have lived through them.

Right now although I am now in bed for nearly a year, it will be a year next week on the 21 August, which is a week on Friday.

Ton, the nurse from the RCA will be here next week Wednesday to see how the pressure sore is progressing.

Hope it will be closed up totally by next week, it seems that the mattress not working to its optimum could have delayed the healing process.

Did notice the difference in the mattress after the new pump was connected and Richie confirmed it too, that the mattress felt much thicker than in the previous couple of days.

And maybe abit longer as I had been having problems sitting in one place without slipping and hanging very uncomfortably over to the right.

Now the new air pump was connected I have not been slipping around much at all, so that explains it very nicely.

We both thought it had meant my condition was getting much worse and made even worse by the very hot weather.

And all along it now seems it was the mattress not being as inflated as it should have been.

I am lucky to have got away with merely slipping a round as it could have been worse and I could have developed more pressure sores.

A lucky escape for me and for Richie too.

Well will stop real soon as Richie will I hope get me out of bed and shower me before Eamon, a fdrfiend who lives in Den Haag will come by to say goodbye before he moves back to Cork next week.

He will be starting a teaching degree course in September in Cork, which is good news for the kids he will be teaching.

He is a lovely man and I imagine he will be a very good teacher as he is very good at transmitting information to others, plus he makes it all sound very interesting.

His subject is Physics and he is very passionate about it and will I am sure give that passion to his students.

Well the leg exercises and massage did me alot of good today.

Am looking forward to seeing Eamon later on.


JC said...

It rained the last couple of days ... the air smells better .. you know how that is !!

Hope you have a Grand visit with your friend

Herrad said...

Hi JC,

I know what you mean, it is a lovely smell.

The visit with Eamon was very pleasant, he is a very nice man.

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! I'm so glad the mattress is feeling better for you! I laughed so heartily at your story about the goofy boss calling you when you were within arms reach, ha ha ha! Oh ex-boss' father was the CEO of the company and he'd come in now and then...he had the office next to me, and he'd always call me on the speaker phone, which was ridiculous because his voice echoed from his office louder than the volume of his voice on the speaker, ha ha! Silly. Hope you have a nice visit today! I got all of my stuff done in record time today, but am still quite exhausted from the driving. So I'm relaxing with the fan blasting me and the boys right now...we are in the middle of a heat wave, which I really don't mind at all! Although the pesky black flies are back, so I had to pull out the head net again for doggie walks around the pond! Take care!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

Your story about the speaker phone is very funny, can almost hear it happening.
It was a very nice visit from Eamon, he is a really nice man.
Very sweet watching him playing with the dogs.
And the dogs were loving the games, Marleen kept challenging him to yet another game.
The weather was good today, quite warm and sticky today.
Luckily no black flies here, they sound horrible.

Hope you are having a good evening/night.

Libby said...

herrad, eamon must be VERY smart if he teaches physics! & i'm glad you figured out the mattress thingy! that will hafta help!

Herrad said...

Hi Libby,
Eamon is very smart, his other subject is maths.
And he is a very nice man.
We had a very good visit with him.
The mattress is much better now and really helps.
Have a good day my friend.