Saturday, March 13, 2010

6 Nations Rugby Championship

Nearly a sunny day today, it’s definitely got milder and there is lighter now as the suns angle has changed, sadly the cloud cover is extremely dense.

When Richie opened the curtains the clouds were there then they seemed to get thinner and blue sky was visible then some sunshine.

Just at the moment that it looked promising the clouds came back thicker than ever, so what we have now is a cloudy day with a hint of sun somewhere.

The dogs just barked like mad, means darling Richie is back from the shop, the Oasis; this is a whole food shop near us.

Richie got me some Green and Black’s chocolate and before that he went with the dogs to their shop to stock up on chews sticks, pig’s ears and tripe.

Very nice for the dogs who are full of it now barking joyfully, think I will stick to the chocolate.

Just been reading an article in the Independent today about dog inbreeding, always upsetting to read about animals being mistreated in anyway.

Read about the problems of breeding that Bassets have eye and skin problems because of breeding them to have extra baggy skin.

Apparently Dalmatians have shockingly high rates of ill health which includes deafness and urinary problems.

And Boxers who have epilepsy problems and Red Setters and Spaniels with brains too large for their heads.

Shocking stories and sadly there are plenty about, I really wish people would stop profiting from suffering.

Puppy farms are despicable I think, they have no concern for the welfare of the animals whatsoever and just breed according to the current fashion.

Sadly so many animals, cats and dogs get abandoned, hope that more people will re-home animals rather than support animal farming.

Our dogs are living proof that it is worthwhile to re-home a dog, both Spike and Marleen have blossomed since being with us.

Spike was abandoned as a pup, he was nervous and had never been for a walk, his pads at age 7 months were pink, his coat was harsh and thin from bad diet and the collar was so tight it had worn his coat away and was cutting into his skin.

Luckily we saw it right away, no wonder food had no been a priority for him, must be difficult to swallow when you are being throttled by a collar.

Marleen got plenty food, she regularly got a currant bun with butter, cheese and ham and did not get enough exercise, nor games as a result of her poor diet she has arthritis in her knees.

She had no toys when her owner brought her to us, instead had a huge spray bottle of shampoo which made her now beautiful coat feel like nylon when she first came.

They now get looked after well, lots of exercise, games good food and love and in return we have two delightful Jack Russell’s.

They are positively vibrating with impatience and excitement right now waiting for their tripe dinners; I on the other hand look forward to a piece of quiche.

Going to relax and watch the 6 Nations Rugby with Richie now, the dogs are in the kitchen guarding their tripe.

Always a laugh with the dogs, never a dull moment with Marleen and Spike.


Dan Digmann said...

Thanks for this blog, Herrad.

I enjoyed reading the stories about Spike and Marleen, and you make such a great point with, ".. hope that more people will re-home animals rather than support animal farming. Our dogs are living proof that it is worthwhile to re-home a dog..."

Jennifer and I "re-homed" our cat, Cooper, who lived outside under our deck when we found our house. Couldn't have asked for a better pet!

Thanks for this blog, and thank you so much for following up with us and the "Beautiful Blogger" award. It means so much coming from you :-)

Wishing you the best,


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Wonderful weekend post! Horrible about bad breeders. We have stray cats and there are plenty of them to care for. They know you rescued them.Love, Mary

Jammies said...

Herrad, thank you for sharing your words and images, and s someone who is owned by two re-homed dogs, thank you for adopting rather than buying!

Anonymous said...

Probably a as difficult work as playing a rugby championship. Yet assume to have won already the medal of being best.
Dear Herrad, hope you are fine. Wishing you all a very wonderful start into the new week.

Meg said...

We have a Jack Russell too :) Ours is an extra short one - or a "shorty", I think they call them.

I think owning, running or participating in puppy mills should be made a felony. It's beyond disgusting and cruel.

Herrad said...

Hi Dan,
Good to see your comment and to hear that you also have re-homed your animals.
Glad you liked the award.

Hi Mary,
Hope your weekend was good, ours was pleasant.

Hi Jammies,
Real good to see your comment, lovely to hear you also re-homed your dogs.
Its excellent giving an animal another chance and better than supporting puppy farms.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your brilliant comment, I shall treasure this idea of a medal, lovely.
I am having a good start to the week hope you have too.

Hi Meg,
Lovely to see your comment, would love to see a picture of Shorty.
Agree with you that owning and running a puppy mill should be discouraged and strictly penalised.

Thanks everyone for coming by and leaving your much appreciated comments.
Really lovely to see your comments coming in the mail.
Have a good day tomorrow.