Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life Right Here Right Now.

Shame that I can not remember now all the things I wanted to write about; typically my best thoughts often happen when I can not record them.

Last night of course, as soon as Richie had put my laptop away I had some excellent ideas for my next post.

Was for some reason supremely confident that I would recall these thoughts, but of course as soon as I could write today I realised that I remembered nothing, sadly not even one word.

Blimey doesn’t Sunday happen so very quickly, almost takes me by surprise, just like it already being my birthday on Wednesday this coming week.

Richie was amused when I said that I was looking forward to it, but just needed another two weeks time to be ready for it.

By the look of amusement on his face I must do this every year just before the 17 of March.

I guess it always surprises me by happening quicker than I think, I expect it’ is funny how one moment it is forever January and two seconds later it is March again and my birthday.

This year I shall take it all as it comes, shall wait and see what the day will bring, see if anyone comes round to visit.

This year don’t feel to ring round and organise people to come round, wonder if this feeling of wait and see is because I am still in bed.

Not really something for me to just sit back and take it as it comes, not sure I have ever been able to do that, have always been too pro-active.

Probably that is why this level of handicap is not easy, feeling more and more like the leading character in Kafka’s wonderful book Metamorphosis.

It does feel like a total change, one morning life was totally changed beyond recognition and now all I can do iust lie on my back.

Not sure I can ever come to terms with this, nor would I ever want to, not sure that is ever possible to do or that it is even advisible.

What I can do, I do and that is to stay as positive as possible and in the here and now, every day I tell myself this over and again just like a mantra.

Stay positive and enjoy the moment in the here and now. Now.


Peace Be With You said...

Let me advance my birthday greetings to you, Herrad. Thank you for being such a bright spirit in the world.

JC said...

Happy Almost Birthday !!!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

You help me stay in the moment.Have a great week!Love, Mary

Friko said...

Hi Herrad,

Do you think you're the only one who forgets good ideas for posts? I frequently write brilliant posts in my head in the middle of the night; so now I am keeping paper and pencil ready on my bedside table.

You do chose the best photos, how do you come by them?

Stay positive if you can and if you can't, start cursing at the top of your voice. I wrote a post recently about cancer and staying positive and how staying positive is madly overrated. I find swearing and shouting helps.

Happy Birthday this week.

Blinders Off said...


Your positivity helps me stay positve :)

Webster said...

If only I could relate to you the many posts that come to me in the middle of the night that I cannot remember. Trust me on this one Herrad, you are not alone. But some of us are lucky to be able to have pencil and paper on stand-by.

And now I know how to remember your birthday - it's on St. Patrick's Day! Everyone is an honorary Irishman on March 17th!

Cathy said...

Very sensible advice there, Herrad, yet not always necessary I'd say. Sometimes "the moment" is a nightmare. Though it's great to strive for a positive outlook there are times the normal human just wants to pine and moan, run to a corner and nurse their wounds. And I really think that's just as cathartic. Hope you gte it, I'm sure you do. And as for your birthday seeming to come around so fast, just remember everyone else is a year older too.

Cranky said...

Herrad - just stopping by to say hello. Stay warm.

Rain said...

Hi Herrad! I get those great post ideas during my walks, and promptly forget them when I walk in the door! I think that staying positive is the GREATEST solution to being able to cope with problems. It doesn't mean to pretend the problems aren't there, but wallowing in negativity and anger doesn't help one bit, as you know! I think you're doing very well to stay positive in your situation!

~Erin~ said...

Well, Happy Early Birthday to you!!

I ALWAYS think of ideas for blog posts while trying to fall asleep at night. Then forget the next day. I should have a pad of paper next to the bed!!


Herrad said...

Hi Judy,
Thanks for coming by and leaving such a sweet comment.

Hi JC,
Thanks for the almost Birthday greetings.

Hi Mary,
Thanks for saying that very nice of you.
Funnily enough you also keep me in the moment.

Hi Friko,
Thanks for reminding me that I am in good company when it comes to forgetting the brilliant posts I meant to write.
If I could still use a pen and paper I would love to jot down my thoughts.
Quite jealous that I can't anymore.
Glad you like the photos I pick, I enjoy finding and picking them very much.
Positive cursing is very good, I am an advocate for positive whenever possible.
But I am also a realist and sometimes I do need to shout, scream curse and cry and I make sure to let it all out when I need.
That way I can be positive again
Thanks for your Happy Birthdays for Wednesday.

Hi Debra,
Thanks, you inspire me too.

Hi Webster,
Thanks for your comment and visit, smashing to see your comment.
Yes my birthday is on St. Patrick's Day so get the shamrocks ready for Wednesday.

Hi Cathy,
Thanks for your visit, very good to see your comment.
I do get what you say, as I said to Friko there are times when I too need to shout, scream, moan, whine, curse and swear and cry my eyes out.
Believe it is important to relieve pressures that build up.
Then I can be positive again and enjoy the moments.

Hi Cranky,
Thanks for your sweet visit and comment, hope you are staying warm and well.

Hi Rain,
Isn't it always the way to get great ideas when you can not write them down.
You are right staying positive is often the best solution to problems
It certainly makes for a better life if you can be positive and it is certainly better than being so negative you can't see the positives and you miss out no things that could have been pleasant moments.

Hi Erin,
Thanks for your visit and Birthday greetings for Wednesday.
You are right its a classic situation writing your next piece in your head just at the moment you fall asleep.
Often this will wake me up and I can then lie awake for hours and the next day I still do not remember a word.

Thanks everyone for coming by, appreciate very much that you all came by.
Good to see all your comments makes me feel very good to be part of this wonderfully supportive and dynamic community.
Have a good day tomorrow.
Keep warm.
Big hugs.