Friday, March 12, 2010

Looks Like Winter But Could Be Spring.

Thanks to getting the Beautiful Blogger from wonderful Lucy @ What is Left Of A Whole New Life

I could indulge in my favourite thing passing it on to other blogs.

I really enjoyed putting together Wednesday's post, did not realise how much work it would be.

Did it in 3 or 4 stages as I could not do 111 links plus names and blog names all at once.

Was delightful putting the names together, I very much like sharing and when I find good blogs I want to share that with as many people as possible.

Was very touched by the wonderful response and the sweet comments that I have had,

Can't believe how quickly it is Friday once again; wonder if it goes quicker when not worrying, I think it must help.

I used to almost vibrate with anxiety, have been doing very well recently and have not been consumed with worrying about what could happen.

Not good for me worrying, these days worrying and getting upset results in physical effects.

The other day when I got upset and cried, my body seemed to cramp up, the whole body felt like it had been locked down.

Felt as I imagined a straight jacket would feel so what with my MS girdle, which is literally a feeling of wearing a very tight girdle around your waist.

It is unpleasant and combined with the feeling of an internal tight diving suit and the straight jacket makes my joy complete.

What a horrible hat trick, and none of them can be got rid of, in fact the only thing I can do is let it happen and hope to somehow relax my muscles.

That is not an easy task not with MS which leads us all on such a ‘merry’ dance, one we can’t excuse ourselves from.

Well going to stop now as our dear friend Marianne will be round for a quick visit, looking forward to seeing her and hearing her news.

It is not a pretty sunny spring day, Richie says it feels a touch milder outside so despite looking like winter spring is slowly and quietly happening.

I intend to enjoy this moment.


Rain said...

It's so true Herrad, that worrying and being anxious takes its toll mentally and physically. I've been on a mission to stay as positive as possible and change my negative way of thinking, and it really does work to keep my mood bright, even during those challenging moments! Hope you have a nice visit today!

weeble said...

Anxiety and worry are so real and so unnecessary. I always see that when they pass. I work hard at staying out of worry. It is an exercise I can do. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better in that regard.

Stuff could always be worse said...

It is great that you can quit worrying as much and enjoy the beautiful spring, whenever we get a taste of it!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Someone told me anxiety is about what will be and depression is about what was. Which is why we need to try to stay in the moment, easier said than done. You sacrificed your comfort to make the list. That is why I put a link on my post and hope more discover your wonderful blog. You are a very giving person. Take a deep breath, then the oxygen gets where it needs to be.Love, Mary

janis said...

Hello Herrad! Im Janis Gonzalez (Just Breathe Janis) from Indianapolis, Indiana USA. I Found you through JC of Lilacs & Cats. She has passed the Beautiful Blogger award to me & I am excited. Been Blogging for a couple of years & was happy to come check your Blog. JC is right, what a wonderful inspiring Blog! Look forward to following you, & hope you make it over to mine sometime. You are in my prayers, I am familiar with MS and sorry that you have to suffer so. How wonderful of you to be brave, to blog, and educate others. {{hugs}}

zlamushka said...

Hey Herrad, Have run through your blogs, you have a wonderful array of experience there. I really enjoyed browsing the pictures. This one is probably my favortie, the art is fascinating.

Thnaks for visiting my blog, happy to have peeked into yours :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad, happy to visit your blog after a long gap. Hope you are fine. My Hearty thanks for the award and thanks for the wishes. The pictures in your blog are very much fascinating. Have a Nice Day....

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thanks for coming by, you are right it is important to keep positive, sometimes it takes it out of you but its well worth it.

Hi Weeble,
I recognise that too, afterwards things are rarely as bad as one can imagine.
Thanks foe coming by and sharing.

Hi Kim,
Lovely to see your comment thanks for coming by, I have to stay positive we all do.
Spring sunshine nearly happened maybe tomorrow it will be sunny.

Hi Mary,
Thanks for coming by and leaving your thoughtful comment.
I am taking deep breaths something I tend to forget at times.

Hi Janis,
Lovely to meet you thanks for coming by and following my blog.
I went to visit your blog right away and will also be following your blog.

Hi Zalmuska,
Lovely to hear from you.
Love your food on your blog, I want to eat it all, sound and look so good.
I hope that lots of people visited you.

Hi Satheesh,
Lovely to see your comment, thanks for coming by.
I am doing ok considering everything.
Hope your studies and life are going well for you.

Thanks all of you lovely people for coming by.
Really appreciate your visits and comments.
Hope your weekends are pleasant.