Thursday, March 04, 2010

More Silver Lining Soon.

Got woken up quite early by the phone ringing; this also woke Spike who started patrolling the apartment.

After a couple of minutes just as Spike had stopped, my mobile went off, this happened twice in quick succession and it set Spike off again.

Sadly we could not pick up and no messages were left and the callers were also anonymous so I could not get in touch myself.

Waking up this morning was not pleasant, I felt intense pain in my arms and legs, what was really worrying was the way my arms were feeling.

They felt as if any movement was no longer an option this motivated me to do my arm exercises right away.

They were more difficult to do than ordinarily, my arms were stiff, but luckily as I did them each set got slightly easier and by the end my arms felt better.

I could almost stretch them out totally which is very good for me, they did feel somewhat better than before I started.

After the exercises were done I became aware of a strange feeling in my neck, at first I tried lifting my head to see if that would help, but it didn’t.

Then I realised the sensation was similar to a panic attack, it took me some time to be able to reduce my panic.

It was really unpleasant it felt like the neck muscles had gone rigid and could not be relaxed again.

Of course this was not true as the muscles did finally relax again, felt good when they were no longer rigid.

Never had that sensation before, hope that I do not experience it again but can’t guarantee that.

Just before I felt my tensed neck muscles this morning I was thinking how horrible it would be to be paralysed and flat on my back.

Did a double take as I realised that this is my situation, I am paralysed and would be flat on my back if it were not for the bed.

The bed can be adjusted to sit me up, not to the full sitting up position and not now the muscles in my torso have become so weak.

Now, since the skin tear and not being able to sit in my wheelchair, my back muscles have become so weak it means I am even more slumped than I was before.

That is why it is important that the skin wound heals soon so I do not lose all muscle strength in my back.
Trying to stay positive which is difficult to do as we have no idea and no clue what may have caused the skin damage.

Be good for Richie to know what it was so he knows what to avoid, and good for me to know so that I do not get totally paranoid.

Important to keep our spirits up, we do our best but this has been a big downer and has been a huge setback.

Been cheering myself up by telling myself that every cloud has a silver lining, sometimes like just now, the dark clouds drift off to reveal a blue sky and sunshine.
Hope to see more silver lining soon.


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, I hope you find more silver lining soon too.


Rain said...

Oh gosh, that panic attack feeling...I know it well. It can just pop up out of nowhere...I'm glad you were able to relax yourself out of it. Usually I need to get outside for fresh air and walk until I'm exhausted to stop that feeling. Kind of had a wee bit of it last night, but I took some Valerian root tincture, and it helped a lot. I saw on the webcam that the day has been sunny! At least when I peeked, lol! Yes! The silver lining exists! I just hope yours comes soon!!!

Jo said...

Awww. Sweet Herrad, I HATE thinking of you in pain and discomfort.

This coming week I believe is 'MS Awareness Week' which I will begin fundraising again.

Hoping and wishing for a cure every single day.

Stay as strong as you can, sweet lady.

By the way, the pictures you posted today are my favorites thus far -- very colorful, groovy and Bohemian.

Take good care, doll -- keep us posted. Many of us are thinking of you and sending good vibes your way.

Peace and serenity,
'The End Of The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy'

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Great Pics. My favorite are the crows. They are flying to the left and one Irish friend said keep the crows on the right-it is good luck. Your crow picture-they are flying to the right! Another Irish friend said talk to the crows. I have since I was little.Skin problems are hard to avoid and you both do the best you can. Hydration, nutrition especially protein (I know your diet is wonderfully diverse and healthy), avoiding shearing forces on the skin. I like lift sheets to avoid the sideways shear but be careful that is not perfect either. A wrinkle or shift in "the buns" can make that sideways force. Deep breathe with moving or transfers. I hope you feel better. Love, Mary

Anonymous said...

Dear Herrad,hope you are feeling better. Blue - indeed enters the soul, sending you much of it, as it seems as if spring did start over here.
All the very best for you two upon this Friday in March.

Taxingwoman said...


Just dropped by to say Hello
Had two teeth pulled out this week so I'm kinda miserable.
Hang in there girl!!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment,
You are right about panic attacks coming out of the blue.
It was horrible, seemed to last for ever, luckily I could relax finally.
Any silver linings will be happily collected.

Hi Jo,
Thanks for your visit and comment.
Hope your MS fundraising goes well
Glad you like the pictures.

Hi Mary,
Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment .
The crows are good, that is my favourite too.
Very fond of crows, always talk to our crows here, they are fine birds.
Could it be that shearing is causing the wound not to heal quickly?

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your visit and comment.
Yesterday it looked like spring may be here and today it looks like winter is back.
Have a good Friday.

Hi Carole,
Thanks for your visit and comment, thanks also for the splendid Niagara Falls postcard, its lovely to get real post.
Hope you are recovering from your visit to the dentist.

Thanks to all 5 of you lovely friends for coming by , your visits and comments are much appreciated.
Really does me good to see your comments.
Have a good Friday.
Keep warm.