Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Recently received an award for Spike and Marleen’s blog

The Beautiful Blogger Award from Lucy @ What is Left Of A Whole New Life

I would like to pass this on to the following blogs:

Lucy @ What is Left Of A Whole New Life

Donna @ Arranging Shoes

Barbz @ Welcome To My Virtual Window

Carole @ Carole’s Blog

Mitch @ Enjoying the Ride

Tanisha @ Forbidden Regrets

Kelli @ Gumbo

Conni @ Heart Shaped Rock

S.S-O @ Multiple Sclerosis & Me
MS: Multiple Sclerosis, My Story

Zoomdoggies @ Howling at the Moon

Kimmy @ I Hate MS

Jim Moran’s Blog @

Louisey @ Letting Go

JC @ Lilac and Cats

Stephany @ soulful sepulcher

Stan @ Is Something Not Quite Right With Stan - A Mental Health Blog

Radagast @ It’s Quite an Experience

Ana @ Hella Heaven

Kimberly @ My Journey With Multiple Sclerosis

Jim @ Maalie

ActivisMS @ ActivisMS

Nikina @ Nik’s Backyard

Judy @ Peace B e With You

Marie @ Nourish: Living. Laughing, Whining

Linda @ Occasional Scotland

Joan @ Joan’s New Musings

Jinx @ Jinx Garza

Joan @ Short in the Cord

Debbie @ MS and Me: My Story

MS Understood @ MS-Understood

Cranky @ Musings of a Cranky Caregiver

Meg @ Raising Bipolar

Jo @ The End of the Rainbow after Bankruptcy

Webster @ Halt Stop Forget Relax

Libby @ Thoughts Usually With Attitude

Spindleshay @ Tenous At Best

Fire Crotch Rocket @ Fire Crotch Rocket

Jane @ Jane’s Insane Writings

The Girl From The Ghetto @ The Girl From The Ghetto

Muffie @Kaleidoscope Muff

Hilary @ The Smitten Image

Andy @ Jugheads Baltimore Blog

Tara @ Living Day to Day with Mutiple Sclerosis

Amelia @ Tales of Life with Multiple Sclerosis

Marc @ Wheelchair Kamikaze

Rae @ The Weather Vane

Mary @ Travelogue For The Universe

Maryann @ Azoyizes Blog

Erin @ The Lemon Aid Stand

Diane @ A Stellar Life

Robert @ Barefoot Navigator

Shauna @ Bugs, Bikes and Brains

Patrick @ Caregivingly Yours

Mort @ Caring and Sharing

Lanette @ Chain Reactions

Chessie @ Chessie's Tales, Motorcycles and Rides

Cathy @ Dare to Think

Vicki @ Down the MS Path

Anne @ Disabled Not Dead

Merelyme @ And so I Write

Sherry @ Word Salads

Debra @ Living with MS

Steve @ The Wheel of Fortuna

Chekoala @ Wobbling Teetering and Blogging

Kim @ Stuff Could Always Be Worse

Stu’s Views and MS News

Dan and Jennifer Digmann @ Welcome to Dan and Jennifer Digmann

Michael @ Perspective Is Everything

Pat @ Pat’s Pond: Where I am the Little Fish

Cathy @Navigating the Journey with MS

Linda @ Brain Cheese

Lisa @ Brass and Ivory

Jen @ Jen’s MS Blog

Nadja @ Living ! With MS

Punk Rock Fairy @ No Empire No More

Susan @ If You Are Going Through Hell, Keep Going

Mrs Blogalot @ Mrs Blogalot

Sheri @ The Dawn Of A New Age

Jase @ Foolstop

Nat @ My MS and Me

Jen @ MS Strength

Kris @ Behold the Metatron

Rei @ Xenomorph Angel

Julie @ A Woman With a View

Jan @ Bifurcate in the Road

Pamela @ Curmudgeonette

KOS @ Keep on Smyelin

Tessa @ Arial Armadillo

Gerry @ Daughters of the Shadowmen

Nancy @ Life in the Second Half

Friko @ Frikos Musings

Justyna @ Love Lives in the Kitchen

Lynna @ Petit Gateau

Aparna @ My Diverse Kitchen

Tasty Palettes @ Tasty Palettes

Kevin @ Closet Kitchen

Raaga @ The Singing Chef

Zalmushka @ Zalmushka’s Spicy Kitchen

Sunshine Mum @ Tongue Ticklers

Trini Gourmet @ Trini Gourmet

Mike @ Another Food Blog

I have really enjoyed putting this post together hope everyone will enjoy it too.

Happy Days.


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad! wow what a fantastic list! this took you a lot of time and typing, thank you for including me.

Hope the evening is pleasant, sending lots of HUGS your way.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,

Thanks for your visit and comment.
It was hard work.
Glad you like it

Have a nice evening.
Big hugs

Stan said...

Thank You Herrad:

It's an honor to be placed is such sordid, controversial, and renowned company.

As always my best wishes and fond thoughts are going out to you this day.

steve said...

Only seven more days. Time to start the Birthday Week festivities!

JC said...

Thank You for thinking of me ^,,^

Peace Be With You said...

Herrad, thanks for your beautiful award. Your beautiful spirit shines through always.

Kimberly said...

Thank you for including me on your list! (What a list it was)!

Hope your doing well. Sending love and prayers your way!

Webster said...

Thanks for the award Herrad. What a fine job you did posting that. You're a gem!

zoomdoggies said...

Thanks for the award, Herrad, and thanks for all you do to create an MS community. I have found some of my favorite MS blogs through your award posts.

Meg said...

Thank you so much Herrad. You are so sweet :)

Ana said...

Hi Herrad!
Thank you very much.
I don't have to say again that you are amazing, do I?

Kelli said...

Herrad, you are so kind. Thank you for including me in this wonderful list.
I hope my brain gets back from vacation soon so I can post another blog. LOL

JC said...

I wrote something about you ... take a look.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Herrad's List! I am honored and privileged to be among this group.Thanks and I will put up a link on my posting today.Love, Mary

Forbidden Regrets said...

Herrad, thank you for the list it must of been a lot of work and thanks for including me :)

Shauna said...

Thanks again, Herrad. Am I the sordid, controversial, or reknowned company Stan refers to? Lol!

Afraid I've been out of the loop for several days but am getting back into it!


Debbie said...

Wow! Where do you find all these blogs. Now I have more to look at in my ever dwindling time! Thanks for including me! p.s. do you actually live in Amsterdam?

Jen said...

Thanks Herrad. : )

Mary LA said...

Thanks so much Herrad -- wonderful list of links!

Rae said...

Thank you for the award Herrad. It was so nice of you to think of me. Blessings and Hugs.

Friko said...

thank you Herrad. it is a very pretty award ans I feel honoured that you have included me in the list of recipients.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Herrad for including me in your Awards list. Very time consuming for you, I'm sure.

One week to go before your birthday! I hope you and Richie have something special planned.


susan said...

Herrad! Thank you so very much for this honor! I am very touched.

Much love to you, Spike and Marlene from Holly the cat and I.

Herrad said...

Hi Stan,
Great honour for me to get a visit and comment from you.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for remembering my birthday, think my weeks celebration will be next week.

Hi Judy,
Glad you like it, thanks for your sweet comment.

Hi Webster,
Thanks it was hard work.

Hi Kimberly,
Pleasure passing it to you, glad you like it.

Hi Zoomdoggies,
Thanks for your lovely comment.

Hi Meg,
So are you, thanks for your kind comment.

Hi Ana,
You are amazing, thanks for your comment.

Hi Kelli,
Pleasure including you, would not be the same without you.

Hi JC,
Thanks for your lovely post about me
Hi Mary,
Lovely to include you.

Hi Forbidden Regrets,
It was lots of work which I enjoyed.

Hi Shauna,
Pleasure. You were top of Stan's list
Hi Debbie,
Glad you like the list, I meet blogs via other blogs.

Hi Jen,
Pleasure :))

Hi Mary LA,
Glad you liked the list too.

Hi Rae,
Pleasure thinking of you.

Hi Friko,
Glad you like the award.

Hi Anne,
Glad you like the award.
It was lots of work to do 110 links
Hi Susan,
Really happy you like it too.
Big hug to you and cuddles for Holly

Thanks all of you for coming by
.Love your comments.
It was heaps of work but I loved doing it.
Have a good day



Lisa Emrich said...

Thank you so much Herrad. I love how you keep this community growing. I'm honored to be one of your friends and readers. :)

Herrad said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for coming by and leaving your kind comment.
I am glad you are one of my friends too.
Have a great afternoon/evening.

Nancy said...

Herrad, thank you soooo much for thinking of me! I can see I am in good company! What a very generous thing to like you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Herrad, please allow me to take a deep bow in thankfulness and respect of your friendship.
Thank you very much. Please allow me as well to respond to it in an adequate manner as soon as possible.
A wonderful Friday for you all.

Herrad said...

Hi Nancy,
Pleasure thinking of you, it was good fun putting the list together.

Hi Robert,
Lovely to see your comment glad you are my friend too.

Thanks both of you fro coming by.
Glad you both like the post and the Beautiful Blogger award.
Have a good day tomorrow.

Bibliotekaren said...

Well, it looks like I'm arriving late to the party! Thank you Herrad -- you must have been one typing machine!

Herrad said...

Hi Donna,
Lovely to see you here, glad you like the post and the award,
I was tired afterwards.
Have a good day tomorrow.

KOS! (Keep On S'myelin!) said...

Thank you, Herrad, for adding some extra sunshine to my day! Sending some extra sunshine your way too :)

Thanks for thinking of me!

love lives in the kitchen said...

thank you ery much for this beautiful award! it's so kind from you :)
visiting your blog is always a huge pleasure.
have a lovely day and a lovely weekend!

Joan said...

thank you so much for the award but nobody deserves it more than you with all the beautiful pictures you send up and and put on you blog. Thank again. Love Joan

The Girl from the Ghetto said...

Thank you so much for the BB Award~ very kind of you.

Gerry said...

Thanks a lot for including me. I wish I had the time and the eyes to visit many of these blogs, but now I have to limit.

~Erin~ said...

You are so sweet!!!! And this is quite a list-I can't imagine how long it must have taken you!

I hope you are doing well. Spring is just around the corner (I hope) which always raises the spirits!

Sending you lots of hugs and LOVE!

Blinders Off said...

Thanks for the award Herrad. Your fingers must be tired after all that typing :)

I'm honored when I receive an award for you and I enjoy the emails. I will be back to blogging and visiting blogs regularly once the fundraiser I am working on is over.


Aparna said...

Congratulations on the award and thank you so much for passing on the award to me, yet once again.
Appreciate it very much.

Herrad said...

Thanks for coming by, glad the timing was good for you.
Pleasure thinking of you.

Hi Justyna,
Thanks for coming by.
I love visiting your blog too and reading your recipes.

Hi Joan,
Smashing seeing your comment , thanks for visiting my blog.

Hi The Girl From the Ghetto,
Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment.

Hi Gerry,
Thanks alot for coming by, pleasure getting your comment.

Hi Erin,
Lovely to get a visit and comment from you.
You are right spring is nearly here.

Hi Debra,
Thanks for coming by pleasure to pass you this award.
Good luck with your fund raising.

Hi Aparna,
Thanks for coming by, your blog is lovely, great food and presentation.

Thanks all of you lovely people for coming by my blog.
Really appreciate your visits and comments.
Hope your weekends are pleasant.

Jammies said...

Congratulations, Herrad, and thank you for including me.

Chekoala said...

Hey hey Herrad - awesome list. So much food for thought!

And molto grazie for including my little blog on the honours board.

cheers muchly

Herrad said...

Hi Jammies,
Thanks for coming by, glad you like the award.
It was a pleasure thinking of you.

Hi Chekoala,
Glad you liked the post and all the blogs.
Your blog had to be there too.
Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment.

Thanks you two sweet friends for coming by and leaving your comments.
Means alot to me.
Have an excellent day tomorrow.

mortonlake said...

finally got here. thanks herrad xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Herrad said...

Hi Mort,
Thanks for coming by.
Hope your day has been good.