Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sunshine Today on 2 March 2010.

Abstract Art.

I never know in advance what I will write it just happens, what I do is start writing and instead of concentrating on my writing and polish every word, I just let it all flow.

Try not to do anything, but write as I do not want to censor anything, not until there is really something there to edit.

Sometimes the structure gets changed and the first sentence becomes the last or the other way around.

Writing has become so much easier now with copy and paste, I find that I am regularly reconstructing pieces I write.

Often I write anywhere in the text, it matters not as I always end up at the last sentence somehow.

Often writing feels like I have made the bits and then sewed it together which is pretty much what happens.

It is great fun, have been doing it every day for a year now, at the beginning I did worry about what to write.

Now I do not do that anymore, do not waste my time like that anymore not once I could see there was an endless supply of words.

For me now it’s not a question of can I write and it has become more a question of will I be able to say everything I want to say.

Probably not, can’t imagine that I would ever be finished talking and writing that just does not sound like me.

Today I have been listening to BBC radio 5 live, have not been listening too closely recently as my favourite program does not exist anymore now Simon Mayo has moved to another station.

Richard Bacon, an ex Blue Peter presenter who was briefly out of favour because of using cocaine is now ruining the afternoon programs every day from 2 pm except Friday.

Now instead of a thought provoking program with Simon Mayo, it is Mr Bland Richard Bacon dummying down the program.

Oh well one good thing it has totally distracted me from the horrible pain that is running round my body.

My fingers on my left hand stood up and twitched violently, then the nasty electricity went down my arm got a big shock of it.

Then it went down my left leg and back up my right leg stopping off everywhere for a shocking time, this happened repeatedly.

The electric shocks are not my favourite; they make me feel very unpleasant, glad that the after effects are not around for too long.

Once it has buzzed up and down my legs I am deliriously happy when it has finished,

Today every time the cloud cover got blown away blue skies were revealed behind the thick cloud cover.

Quite a pretty sight and on the second day of March, how lovely, hope this means that spring is arriving slowly.

I shall enjoy noticing th first signs of spring 2010 hope you do too.


Rain said...

Well Herrad, I'm still waiting for a proper winter to arrive, lol!!! I read just yesterday some tips on writing. One of the things mentioned was that it's much easier to write every day, than only a few times a week because we quickly fall out of habit and, even though we may not be aware of it, lose interest and thus lose creativity. We then struggle about what to write. I write every day in my journal and the words just flow for me. I used to only write once in a while and couldn't figure out what to say. I think it's great that you write daily and enjoy it!

I can't imagine those electrical shocks...

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad!

There are lots of flowers and trees budding and blooming here, yesterday on a walk it was sunny and 67 degrees! last year there was snow on the ground!

Have a pleasant evening with Richie!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Loved that art as usual.
I am inpressed you can post every day and so naturally. Love, Mary

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thans for your visit and comment.
You are right writing evert day is good.
Some days I write and post and then have to look again to see what I have written.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for coming by and commenting, lovely to hear tha t springr is happening for you.

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your visit and comment, lovely to see.
Think that writing every day must make it easier to write.

Thanks to you three special friends for coming by.
Gave me a big boost getting your comments.
Keep warm and enjoy your day.

JC said...

It does look a bit like Spring today. Rainy in the morning and now the sun is trying to come out.

Herrad said...

Hi JC,
Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment.
Lovely to read that spring is happening for you too.
Have a great day.
Keep warm and well.

zoomdoggies said...

Herrad, I look forward to reading your post every morning. I will never be able to visit Amsterdam, but I get a glimpse of it through your eyes. And I get a daily reminder to live in the moment. Thank you so much.

Webster said...

Holy Zapperoonies, Batman!

Geez Herrrad, I'm so sorry you have to deal with all this electrical pain. All I am left with is generic, jumpy muscle spasms. Tame by comparison.

Just breathe into it, girl. That's all we can do.

Nicoline said...

Thanks for writing you blog, it's very inspirational!
I'm reading it because a new friend of me is living with MS and I'd like to be there for her whatever happens. Funny fact is that we're both Dutch but live in CT USA.

I'm just trying to understand the disease a little more. Looks like you found a way to still enjoy every day, which is something a lot of fully healthy people will be jealous about!
Thanks for writing about your experiences and make every day the best it can be!

Anonymous said...

Currently a bit praying that the following day will be a good one for us all, as soon as it is done, I'll for sure send as much as possible to you.

Peace Be With You said...

Just stopped by to say Hi, Herrad. I breathe in your wonderful spirit whenever I make the journey to your blog. Have a wonderful day!

Meg said...

Herrad, you are an inspiration. I am so sorry for the physical pain you have but your lovely spirit just oozes out of this blog. I am so inspired by you.