Friday, April 02, 2010

Friday and Sunshine and Champagne.

Henri Cartier Bresson.

Today there were sunshine and blue skies when Richie drew the curtains open today; this made a fine change from the rest of the week.

We were planning on getting me out of bed and showered quite quickly as my appointment with my ergotherapist was at 13.30.

I would need to be showered, do my leg exercises on the Motomed and take pills and eat and drink before Johanneke arrived.

Just as Richie flapped the duvet back to do my leg exercises he noticed that the bed was wet, he immediately checked the catheter.

It was in but leaking so he whisked me out of bed having done one leg exercise, we got to the bathr3oom and as soon as Richie took off my leggings the catheter was dribbling urine everywhere.

Good that it did not happen before as that would have been quite messy in the bedroom, once Richie realised the catheter was not in proper2;ly he adjusted it expew2rtlpy.

Then he proceeded to shower me and get rid of the unpleasant smell of urine, amazing that we did not smell lit before.

Can only think it happened after my exercises, as just before I got my arms out from under the duvet the duvet fell over my head and if the catheter had been leaking I would have smelled it for sure.

Oh well we both stayed calm, pointless to do otherwise, once I was showered and Richie put clean clothes on me, I felt good.

Once I had done the exercises with the Motomed, Richie put me back in bed and I got myself together for Johanneke’s visit.

She got here a t 13.40 and stayed until 15 pm, she will organise the bed which can be adjusted to sitting up position plus bed with raised knees.

And she is getting two long cushions made which will keep me centred as well as a cushion for between my feet and the foot board.

And she is going to see if a simple device that we hope can asset me in reading books, would be nice as there are plenty of books out in the hall that I would like to read.

She is also getting in touch with the company R.D.Kompagne, the supply gadgets that will assist me with using the phone, switching on the TV, lights, opening door and starting the laptop up.

A useful gadget, it was a very productive meeting, our third meeting, second with Ludwine, my first ergotherapist.

After Johanneke went, not too long after our friend Cecile came by with a bottle of real champagne she had left over from New Year.

We were celebrating my goods news that Dr Smit thinks that the wee wound will be healed in two weeks and Cecile got the all clear, that she is clear of cancer.

We were also celebrating her article had been published plus her investigative piece was on the TV.

We had plenty to celebrate, the bubbly was delicious and the two of us had a fine time together.

When the bottle was empty Cecile left but not before she rang an old aquaintence I had not spoken since 1989.

Was very pleasant talking to her it was sweet she remembered me too.

Happy memories and even happier anticipations of getting out into the spring sunshine pretty soon.

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Anonymous said...

There for sure is a kind of hope in the air !

Nice to see those photographies. The women in the forth picture with the statues are passing by a "Hairdresser" (KOYPEION), for sure somewhere in Greece.

Haven't had any Champagne for ages...thank you for reminding, if possible will get some tomorrow. Please have you all a wonderful start into the weekend and a nice Easter celebration as well.

Meg said...

The champagne sounds lovely and I love the black & white pics. I may have to snag one!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Wonderful post.Love, Mary

Stephany said...

That is wonderful news Herrad, about the wound and your friend's cancer being gone! Definitely worth a champagne toast!

I hope your Saturday is a nice one, have a pleasant evening, Herrad and Richie!


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, great news about cancer free and the wound healing, for sure a reason for a glass of bubbly!!

I hope you and Richie have a nice evening, and a good Sunday too.


Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your visit and sweet comment.
There is plenty of good things in the 'air'
The champagne was good.
Have a good holiday.

Hi Meg,,
Good to see you comment, thanks for coming by.
Help yourself to any pictures.

Hi Mary
Thanks for your comment and visit.
Big hug to you.

Hi Stephany,
Lovely to see you comment, thanks for your visit.
The good news for us both was worth toasting with champagne
.It was very nice.

Hi Stephany,,
Glad to see your 2nd comment, thanks for your visit.
Big hugs.

Thanks all you dear friends for coming by, it gave me a huge boost seeing your comments.
Have a good weekend.