Thursday, April 22, 2010

Please Visit The Wheel of Fortuna and Support Steve

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Have just been over to Steve's blog The Wheel of Fortuna, to read Steve's latest post on how BobRobert is doing.

Today's post has the title The Business of Dying, Bob Robert seems to have had moments of clarity over the last couple of days but is now sinking deeper into the sickness and sedation.

Good to read that their family and friends are there, and are giving them the love and support that they need right now, and Steve needs in the days after BR's sad and untimely death.

Now it is crucial to give support, but this is also very important in the days after so that Steve does not feel abandoned and left on his own.

The support that has been given right now is wonderful, really touching and heart warming.

Makes me feel very proud to be part of such a fine community as this one, that exists in the blogosphere.

Being supportive and caring and giving friendship and love is I think a life renewing thing, it is good for everyone, for the individual as well as the community.

It helps to build communities and it is the cement that keeps everything together.

It is what life is all about and that is our communities, it is about caring and sharing and cooperating with each other for our own common good.

It really is the best of humanity and that is our caring and supporting each other, it really makes sense to understand and support and look after each other.

It is a totally reciprocal thing, we need each other to survive and to survive well we need to share resources and we have to care.

The support network affirms this and shows us that a caring community can flourish anywhere people are.

As soon as I have found pictures and posted today’s piece, I will be visiting The Wheel of Fortuna to leave a supportive message for Steve.

Hope you visit to here is the link:


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hi Herrad -
Thanks for posting the information about Steve and BR... My heart goes out to the both of them...but your support is incredible -

On a very different note...the weather here is very un-California like. Snow, rain, wind, hail...I think the "May Grey" has started a bit early. But its nice to curl up with a good book and watch it all unfold.

JC said...

Again, I am so sorry about your friend. I went to his site. Lovely photos of when he was younger.

Herrad said...

Hi Marit,
Thanks for coming by here and visiting Steve.
BobRobert sadly died last night, so Steve will need even more support in the next bit of time.
Hope the snow, hail and rain and wind are gone now and you have better weather.

Hi J,
Thanks for coming by good to see your comment.
BobRobiert died yesterday night very sad indeed.

Thanks dear friends for coming by, good to hear you have been visiting Steve's blog, know he appreciates all the visits and comments.
Have a good weekend.