Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Sunshine and Blue Skies.

Asian Art.

Here it is the day after Easter and the weather is very good, there are blue skies and sunshine today and it is getting abit warmer too.

Enough for the window to be open all day which is great, probably have to start using the mosquito net before too long.

Thought yesterday that we might get good weather today and here it is beautiful weather for April.

Very exciting, I got my new glasses today; they are good, just got a photo taken by Richie will post it.

This afternoon Willes came upstairs to help with the post it took from 3.30 until 5 and now it is done.
Feeling tired now, mostly anticipation of the post, were there going to be horrible surprises like outstanding bills to pay.

Brilliant that is done now, feels everything is tidy, e-mail, internet favourites and now our post and bills.

A good start to the week and month, think that I will finds pictured and post this and relax, nice to look out the open window onto beautiful sunshine outside.

Tonight is a Champion’s League game between Arsenal versus Barcelona; really hope that my team Arsenal wins tonight.

Come on the Gunners!


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

That's a great photo of you! I like the glasses too. Glad you have some enjoyable weather, and that you got all of those things all sorted out, nice relief I bet.


Have Myelin? said...

That is a great photo of you! So who won? =)

S.S-O said...

really nice pic!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Great pictures. I love those glasses!.Love, Mary

JC said...

You look marvelous darling !!!

Peace Be With You said...

Thanks for the wonderful images, including the one of you!

janis said...

So glad to put a face with your thoughts and inspiring blog :)
Thank you Herrad

Amrita said...

Your new glasses look great

Webster said...

Nice glasses Herrad! I get my new ones next week. It's still cold here, and tomorrow is supposed to be another front moving through.

We got a new dog Monday. Check my blog - He wrote an entry.

Rain said...

Oh I love that picture!!! The glasses are nice! It's so great to see your smiling face Herrad!!!

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for your visit and sweet comment.
The glasses are good, nice and light.
It is great getting everything organised.
Hugs to you too.

Hi Sherry,
Thanks for your visit and comment, nice to see it.

Hi S.S-O,
Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment
Hi Mary,
Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment.

Hi JC,
Thanks for your kind comment and visit.

Hi Judy,
Thanks for your visit and comment, glad you liked the pictures.

Hi Janis,
Thanks for your visit and kind comment.

Hi Amrita,
Thanks for your comment and visit, glad you like the glasses
Hi Webster,
Thanks for your visit and comment, hope to see you and your new specs next week.
Its warm in the sun says Richie.

Hi Rain,
Thanks for your visit and comment.
The glasses are good, nice and light.

Thanks everyone for coming by and leaving your kind comments.
Lovely to see your comments.
Have a good day tomorrow.

Joan said...

It is so nice to see you in the flesh so to speak it makes it so much easier to imagine you when reading your blog. Hope the weather stays nice for you it is still very cold here but they are promising a warmer weekend. Love Joan

Herrad said...

Hi Joan, Thanks for coming by and leaving your kind comment.
Know what you mean about it being good to see the person behind the words.