Monday, April 19, 2010

Sending Love Across The Blog Sphere

Texan Art.

The news about BobRobert has really shaken me up, can't believe that right now this wonderful man is slipping out of life, and was extremely upset when I read Steve's post on Saturday.

Today I could not settle to do anything, was just too distracted thinking about those two lovely friends in Texas

Somehow it did not get me crying then, but just now I had a couple of kind comments about my post about BobRobert yesterday.

And that opened the floodgates and I howled for about 20 minutes before I could manage to stop and Richie successfully dried my tears.

Had tried very unsuccessfully to dry my eyes once or twice before, but each time I had dried my face the tears started again.

And again and again, even more so when I thought about Steve alone without his darling BR, hope he has plenty of love and support around him.

The thought of BobRobert lying in the Willie Nelson room at the hospice is very bittersweet, how lovely of Willie Nelson to sponsor a room in the hospice.

We saw him twice here in Amsterdam, the first time I managed to struggle through a sold out Paradiso and get up to the stage, where Willie Nelson was signing autographs.

It was a dream come true when he noticed me waving at him and came over, it was my big moment to speak to him.

All I managed was to stammer ‘’ I love you Willy’’ and he smiled and said thank you and signed my concert ticket.

Somehow reading about BobRobert being in the Willie Nelson is strangely comforting.

Sitting here now looking out of the window, it is gone 8.30 pm and the daylight is gradually fading away.

Can hear my darling cooking, by the sounds and the delicious smell coming into the bedroom I can tell that Richie will be appearing any minute now with a plate of food for me.

Think I will be able to eat now, not planning to do anything much after I posted this with the Texan art I found on the internet.

Hope lots of people go and visit The Wheel of Fortuna and leave supportive messages for Steve.

Thinking of Steve and his darling BobRobert and sending much love to them across the blog sphere.


Kris said...

Thank you for directing me to this blog Herrad. I sent them warm wishes. I send the same to you! Hope you are doing ok with all of that ash! My oh my! My boyfriend is flying to Copenhagen tomorrow for work. YIKES!!

Anonymous said...

Probably a decade since last I heard Willie Nelson. Thank you for reminding.
Wishing you all a strong and bright Tuesday.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Thanks for the direction to your friends site. I left a comment.The music-Sis Deville I posted which you commented in are Texas musicians one or more with connections to Willie.Strange.Love, Mary

Jen said...


Stephany said...

HUGS Herrad, this is a very nice tribute to BR.

I hope you and Richie have a wonderful Tuesday.


Sita said...

Hi Herrad,
Have not popped by in ages! Was wondering how you were. Saw you were grieving over a friend. So sorry. Do take care.
Love, Sita

steve said...

Herrad, Darlin' -

The amount of love you are able to rally from your flat in Amsterdam is nothing short of incredible. The two of us feel protected by the world at this most vulnerable time.

Give Richie a hug for us.

~Erin~ said...

Thanks for sharing this unfortunate news with us all Herrad. I stopped by his blog, and it is just so sad.

I hope you are doing ok. Thinking of you...
Love, Erin

Herrad said...

Hi Kris,
Thanks for coming by, really good to see your comment.
Thanks too for your warm wishes.
Hope your boyfriend got to Copenhagen alright

Hi Robert,
Thank you for your visit, glad you liked the music.

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your visit and comment.
I liked the Sis Devils very much, they a re good and have alot of attitude very nice indeed.

Hi Jen,
Thanks for coming by and thanks for your xoxoxoxox.

Hi Sita,
Thanks for your visit and kind comment.
BobRobert is in a hospice with Steve and their family and friends around them.

Hi Steve,
Thanks so much for coming by, really appreciate it very much.
Your sweet words made me cry.
Big hugs back to you both.

Hi Erin,
Thanks for coming by lovely to see your comment.
I am enjoying sitting for 30 minutes a day.

Thanks everyone for coming by, really happy we support each other.
Important to build networks of support, friendship and love.
Big hugs.