Thursday, April 29, 2010

Support Networks For Steve Across The Globe.

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It is a sunny day again today which is very nice so nice that the window near my bed is wide open and it is pleasant feeling the outside air.

Planning to go out this afternoon after my physiotherapist at 14.30 that is going to be very exciting indeed.

Feeling so much more relaxed now that Spike is doing well and the tax return has been sent in by our friendly tax advisor.

Feels good to get it done and without too many problems or too much stress, typically before was worse than the actual event.

So typical of me to get all wound up alt the prospect of something, yesterday was very good for me, as all ,y arrangements went wrong and everyone was late coming round.

I could have panicked and tried to organise instead decided to go with the flow and let lit all happen.

This was a good idea as it turned out things went well and everything got done with no stress at all.

It was really pleasant to see that even if it does not go according to plan things can work out well.

It is heart warming to read about the support and love that Steve is getting from family and friends
On Saturday is the Memorial for BobRobert in Belcher where they will have a good memorial/wake for Steve’s much loved partner.

Hope that we all continue to support Steve in these difficult first weeks of his bereavement.

Let’s weave a web of support and friendship and caring around the globe for Steve.

Please visit The Wheel Of Fortuna and leave Steve a supportive comment.


Stephany said...

YAY how exciting outside!!!!


Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for coming by, it was really good outside.
All went well we are both happy.
have a pleasant afternoon and evening.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you've been outside again! :)

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Great news. It must feel so good. Thanks for all you to to hold the world together. Love, Mary

Stan said...

Dearest Herrad:

So excited and filled with joy to hear your going outside in the fresh spring air.

I have harbored deep within many wishes for you, and finally this one fortunately has come to pass.

May the rays of sun light touch your skin and rejuvenate you; as your spirit, words, and photo's have touched the hearts of so many countless living souls.

I hope this evening bring it's soft breeze of pleasantry flowing gently upon your brow, and with its breath the brush strokes of wispy inner harmony & blissful moments of restful peace into each your waking thoughts and slumbering dreams.

Bibliotekaren said...

It's about time -- so happy to hear that your world is expanding to the outside!

Take care,

Joan said...

I have read your comment on my blog and know how much you enjoyed your afternoon out waiting to read todays update to hear all about it. Take care Love Joan

tim said...

I'm the person(the crying-and-tissue incident in Plymouth) who's been trying and trying to thank you for the red ribbon, after my post on Letting Go, but was defeated by the signing in process. Got some technical help now, so belated thanks at last! (At the time I needed perking up and it did the trick)
Thank you again.

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
This was the first time down on the street yesterday and it was brilliant.
Monday only went outside on the landing in front of our apartment.

Hi Stan,
Thanks for your wonderful comment, it was very good being outside again.

Hi Donna,
It was lovely to be outside again and feel my world expanding.

Hi tim,
Thanks for your comment glad the timing was good for you.

Thanks everyone for coming by, going out yesterday was brilliant.
It was very exciting.
Made everything different, feeling the sun on my face was excellent.
Plan to go out again tomorrow.