Sunday, April 04, 2010

Fresh Lemonade and A Late Glimpse of Sunshine

African Art.

Slept very well last night, and woke up nice and relaxed with only a couple of small leg spasms and my arms were folded and they were difficult to get them out from under the duvet and stretch them

Had to do my arm exercises right away so that I could stretch and move my arms and my hands too needed excising before I could use them.

The sun is coming out now at 19 pm, all day it has been dark and overcast, we had the lights on since Richie opened the curtains this morning.

Suddenly now the sun is shining through the clouds, which have got thinner, lovely a last hurrah of sunshine before dusk.

Makes me optimistic that tomorrow will be a brighter and prettier day, perhaps the sun will shine all day.

Richie finally got my WIFI working on my laptop, up to now we could not work out how to do it and now it is working well.

No more cables trailing through the house and when I can sit in my wheelchair I will be able to use my laptop without Richie having to fetch the network cable.

Excellent and good timing too, well that is another thing off our list of things to do, quite a few other things to do.

I keep meaning to tidy up my sent items and my address book, things that always get left too long, well not for much longer, by the end of the evening it will be done.

The sunshine has given me such a boost, so did the great shower and foot soak with Jasmine oil and the pedicure.

Bliss and afterwards I enjoyed a glass of delicious fresh lemonade which Richie had made, he is going to make tamarind ice cream.

First we are going to enjoy dinner of stuffed cabbage leaves with lentil, tomatoes, spinach and left over cauliflower cheese and tasty organic potatoes.

Well I am going to enjoy our evening.


Rain said...

What a nice meal! Enjoy!!!
ps: I know what you mean about cleaning up the "virtual" mess!!! I've been meaning to do that to, and now I'm inspired to!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thanks for your comment and visit.
I can smell the dinner,it should be here quite soon, in a few minutes.
Great feeling a tidy inbox and sent items, glad I inspired you to do the same.
Enjoy your day.
Big hug.

Nancy said...

Sounds lovely, Herrad. I also cleaned up my computer lately. The cookies always slow my machine. WIFI is the only way to go! Yay for technology!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Wonderful post and great day.Love, Mary

Webster said...

Tamarind ice cream - sounds interesting!

Herrad said...

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for your comment and visit, you are right wifi is good.
So is a tidy pc, good to get rid of unnecessary stuff.

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your visit and encouraging comment.

Hi Webster,
Thanks for your comment and visit.
The ice cream was good.

Thanks you three nice people fro coming by.
Hope you have had a good weekend.
Have a good start to the week tomorrow.